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Aimee Carrero Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Aimee Carrero was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up in poverty but was rescued at a very young age by the US Coast Guard when she was 15 years old. Since that time, Aimee has dedicated her life to social work and is active in many political and social justice movements in and outside of the United States. In her free time, Aimee enjoys singing and dancing.

Aimee Carrero was born in San Juan Puerto Rico to a poor family. Her biological father, Paco, was a drunkard, constantly drunk, which made her mother live in constant fear. Despite this, Aimee had a strong sense of duty and would later go to college in order to get a degree, studying English. She earned a degree in Spanish, majoring in Communications, and then worked as an engineering technician in Maryland, assisting companies like NASA, researching communications systems. After working for a while, Aimee decided to pursue her musical career and so left school and joined the band New Kids on the Block, playing guitar and vocals.

Aimee credits her huge success to the Latin-based music of the era, she was associated with – folk, traditional, rock, metal, and a little bit of hip-hop. In her early years, Aimee was mainly a vocalist, but over the years she has also played keyboards and guitar. Aimee’s musical interests have also included classical piano, her family’s gospel music, and Latin music in general. Throughout high school, Aimee often performed in church choirs, as well as a cast in a production of West End play Don’t Play This Song.

Aimee’s credits also include work with the San Francisco horn section as an extra, as well as on numerous recordings of original music. Aimee credits her background in the music industry to several different encounters that allowed her to develop as an artist. She says that her greatest musical experiences came from working with Hispanic musicians in San Francisco (including her role as an extra in salsa music and santo Domingo). She is grateful that she was able to learn so much about the culture while making an important contribution to the music she loved.

Aimee Carrero

Aimee Carrero Measurements

Figure Measurements 33-24-33 in
Body Size 42 Inch
Bra Size 34C
Waist Size  24 inches (61 cm)
Hips Size 33 inches (84 cm)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Height 1.52 m
Weight 65 KG

Aimee’s credits also include a freeform sitcom titled “Aimee and Friends”, which is an animated spin-off of the popular “DC comics” supervising characters, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. The show’s voiceover and animation work, which first aired on Nickelodeon, has been featured on numerous award-winning television shows, including Adult Swim, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, The Fairly Odd Parents, The Simpsons, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and many others. In addition to being one of the most memorable voiceovers on any animated program, Aimee is also known for her unique vocal style. Aimee is able to produce both deep and high-pitched voices, sometimes using falsetto and crooning. Aimee has provided narration and background in many of her Aimee Carrero projects, as well as doing live-action sequences as herself. Aimee will continue to perform and voice act for many years to come, as well as providing live-action series and animated film roles.

Aimee is best known for her high-pitched voice and pleasant yet unique mannerisms. Aimee has provided narration and background in many of her Aimee Carrero projects, as well as performing live-action series and an animated film. Aimee has provided great entertainment and added appeal to a wide variety of project types for television networks and film studios since 2021. Her live-action series featured on SyFy, lasted for two seasons, and focused on a teenage girl who was raised by an abusive family. In addition to her acting, Aimee has provided background and narration for many other award-winning programs and television projects, most notably the award-winning Freeform sitcom, Aimee Carrero: The Smartest Kid on Earth, which chronicles the daily life of Aimee as she learns to deal with her own adolescence, as well as those of her friends and loved ones.

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