Wizkid is a name that is derived from a story of a lion named Wizkid who is very gentle and kind hearted. According to the story he saved his mother from a lion’s attack on her home when he was young. The story says that he would not run from a lion’s attack no matter what was asked for him, he always chose to run no matter what the circumstances were. From this story it is said that he has the heart of a lion and would do the same thing today if given the opportunity.

Ayodeji Ibbi who is professionally calling Wizkid, was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 16th of August, 1990. He is now 30 years old as of today and his exact birth date is unknown. His family still resides in Lagos State, Nigeria. It was on 4th August, 2021 that Wizkid made his official debut on the hit music show “American Idol” along with other popular and famous stars like contestants Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood. During the show he was asked by the judges to perform a song which he sang and he did very well performing the song ‘Wizkid Now’.

Witty joined the line-up for the next season of “American Idol” with Taj Mahal as a replacement for finale winner Paula Abdul. Like many others who were a part of the show, he performed well but it was his rendition of the hit single that made him a star and a sensation. Witty has gone on to have his own series of songs, albums and videos released under the name “Wizkid”. Although some claim that his first album” Idle Mind” wasn’t a success due to poor sales, many sources say that his second album “Love Story” is a huge hit. This is attributed to the infectious songs on the album along with his rocking and soulful voice.

Another great singing sensation in Nigeria is the Nigerian artiste Grammatologist whose real name is Girmayo Afolaki. Born in San Diego, California the talented musician made his musical mark when he was cast apart from the band desiring to call themselves Dream Team at the end of their second album. The album failed to chart well and Grammatologist decided to form his own band. Since their first album “Love Story” was a huge hit, the singer has gone on to become one of the best selling African American artists of all time.

One of my favorite Nigerian artistse who has made a name for himself in the entertainment world is Wizkid. The crooners of the group, consisting of MC Jazzy J, Easytone, Benzino, Krell, P Diddy and Teebee, came close to achieving a number one spot in the US but failed to reach it due to some legal issues. Despite this, the group still managed to attract a number of fans who became die hard fans of their music and remain faithful to them till this day.

For those of you who do not know what Wizkid is, the group consists of an all time crooner wizkid and a funky soundman volk. The crooner wizkid is a member of the Wu-Kwangz and the soundman volk is an artiste that has been making hits since the mid 90s. This is the reason behind the mysterious fame of wizard net worth. There have been speculations that the rap sensation is actually a robot created by some artificial intelligence to resemble a crooner and a jazz singer. So far there has been no concrete evidence to prove that fact, but one thing is for sure, a robot cannot be a crooner and a robot cannot be a jazz singer, which are what makes this band so special.

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