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Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is most popular for playing Aaron Jackson in the TV show Grown-ish, Kevin Blake in Syfy’s original series Eureka, and Kris McDuffy in Disney Channel’s series Let It Shine. His other roles are adaptations of his stage performances. He has also written several musicals including The Heartbreak Kid and The reminiscence of a white girl.

In the TV series Grown-ishly, as played by Trevor Jackson, the character is a talented dancer who is loved by everyone in his community. Though he was only eleven years old when the show began, he already had a distinctive voice and mannerisms that became integral to the characters he portrayed. For example, in the first episode he plays David Kleinfeld, a boy who is the star of the show. He was eleven years old at the time of this performance. Since then, he has played a number of different roles, all of which are memorable. Here are some of my favorites from his illustrious career.

The first appearance we’ll get to him is in the musical Eureka. This is the show that launched his career. At the time, he was just playing the lead role, but he quickly became the singer of the group and went on to record several hit songs. After the band broke up in the mid-nineties, he signed a deal with Capitol and released two more albums. The band’s last album, August, was not a hit, but it did sell very well and helped make him a name beyond the music industry. At the age of 34 he was recorded in the film American Pie and has gone on to star in several more films and TV shows.

One of the more popular aspects of his career is the role of Alex Cross. Alex Cross is a young Jewish man who lives in San Francisco. However, his true name is Yaritza. Jackson plays Alex Cross, who claims to be a descendent of the Jews that were targeted by the Nazis during World War II. Jackson portrays a convincing and likeable character, so much so that his own fans wrote song lyrics about how great he is and even considered replacing his real name with his stage name, Alex Cross. As you can see, Trevor Jackson has had quite the successful career and has been able to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and other worthy causes.

Now let’s discuss some of the other actors who were born in Indiana and who have managed to raise millions of dollars for various causes. The first notable actor born in the Hoosier state was Ben Gazzarra. He has raised money for cancer research in several different ways. One of his efforts was raising money for the family of John Lennon, who was killed by the Beatles in 1980. Another notable Hoosier actor was Edward Herrmann, who was in a wheelchair and used a cane and did not speak much. However, he did have one major fundraiser, which was for the Richard Nixon Presidential campaign in 1974.

You might be surprised to know that the last of the “big five” celebrities to die in Bloomington, Indiana was not long before the state’s junior Senator, Obama was elected President of the United States. So, is it safe to say that the last of the big five was an actor? Well, there are several theories out there. However, none are as persuasive as the theory that Trevor Jackson died as a result of theoids. Therefore, we will leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

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