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Teachers Day History

Teachers Day History

Teachers Day is observed on the fifth of October every year. This day is dedicated in the United Kingdom to honouring all the teachers of the nation. Teachers are perceived to be the most important resource in education as they have an important role in shaping the future of a child. On this special World Teachers Day, children all around the globe celebrate teachers.


Teacher’s Day features numerous activities that are designed to make the day memorable for all the teachers, staffs and parents. For instance, a parade is organized by the school organizers to honour the teachers. Parade floats coming from different schools or colleges are taken to the main parade venue where large posters of the most prominent personalities of the world are set on the sides. The posters include the photographs of such personalities as Martin Luther King Jr., Hugo Chavez, Elwood Chandler, Evo Morales and Barack Obama. The floats coming from various cities or states carry colorful banners with important quotes attributed to these world personalities.


Another interesting activity that teachers all over the world participate in is Teachers Day Festival. This is the occasion on which a movie is screened, music band performs and there are other activities related to this specific day. The festival highlights teachers from various disciplines like science, mathematics, English language and history. Schools use the occasion to display their work and share their achievements. Teachers are also felicitated on this day. The awards given to them include “Work of a Distinctive Teacher” and “Outstanding Teacher’s Day Award.”


The celebration of Teachers Day in the United States has become extremely popular over the past few years. In fact, it is being celebrated more widely than the International Teachers Day. In some US states, a Teachers Day festival is held on the second Sunday of May. In some areas, the celebration is celebrated with great pomp and show.


Teachers Day celebrations mark the day dedicated to teachers, teaching and educational institutions. It was on this day back in 1948 that Dr. William J. Pelham of Teachers College, University of Massachusetts, spoke out against what he saw as discrimination by the education industry towards women. He along with some other prominent women teachers, gathered in front of the university’s administration building and made speeches. They demanded that equal employment opportunities are granted to women and minorities.


Today, teachers around the country take time off from work on Teachers Day to gather in classrooms and talk about the state of education in America. It is one of the few days that coincide with the birthdays of important people, such as President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Teachers take this day very seriously since it honors the hard work that they put in every day. They give much to children who want to achieve success and make a difference in the society.

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