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Teachers Day Date

Teachers Day Date

Teachers are one of the key persons in every school and educational institution. Their function is far more than teaching; they form a major role in shaping up the character of tomorrow. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the fact that teachers are lucky people as they are privileged to work in an establishment that respects their hard-work, dedication and loyalty. In order to recognize the good work they do, many schools, colleges and universities organize events on Teachers Day which is a day to celebrate the work and contribution of teachers to the educational system. The concept of Teachers Day dates back to Ottoman times when the community gathered at the beginning of May to recognize the hard-working teachers. Today, this celebration is celebrated in various countries worldwide on the second Saturday of May to honor the valuable role of teachers in shaping up tomorrow.


Although the date is celebrated with great fervor and happiness, Teachers Day is not without controversy. Teacher’s Day dates back to the French Revolution, where the aristocracy made it a point to celebrate the role of teachers in education. The French Revolution marked the beginning of the Jacobin Revolution which resulted in the deposition of the Bourbon monarch as well as the consolidation of the Bourbons on the French throne. Several reforms were instated to improve the conditions of the French teachers and later on the calendar of the date was changed to honor the work they do.


Teachers Day in the United Kingdom is very similar to Teachers Day in France, although the latter event there is celebrated on the day named Teachers Day in the United States. Despite the fact that the concept of Teachers Day has evolved in the United Kingdom, many teachers still do not see the importance of celebrating the day. In the UK, educators have long been critical of the way that evaluations are conducted and how the criteria for evaluation are being formulated. Teachers in the United Kingdom believe that the whole purpose behind Teachers Day is to bring down standards in the education sector and this is because many educational tests are being conducted outside standard criteria in an attempt to skew the results.


On the other hand, teachers in the UK believe that by holding such events on the International Teachers Day, they are being more supportive to students. They also feel that by celebrating the day with their students, they will be able to better understand what their students need and want. Teachers Day is also supposed to motivate teachers to buy more supplies for their classrooms so that they can provide better educational services for their students. A significant percentage of teachers in the UK are members of trade unions and they are usually consulted about Teachers Day before any events are held.


One of the main reasons why teachers back out of events like Teachers Day dates back to when the educational system in the UK was much more laissez faire. Before deregulation of the education sector, educational authorities could not restrict any form of celebration that teachers may choose to throw on the day. Teachers Day celebrations were mostly banned by Education Supervisors. The rules on Teachers Day date were always broken and some people who got caught would face severe consequences. Regulating the date of Teachers Day was one way that authorities could clamp down on irresponsible behaviour on this day.


But there is no definite evidence to prove that teachers have been celebrating the day in a less-than-ethical manner. In fact, many teachers prefer to celebrate the day with their students because it is a chance for them to meet their students. A teacher-student relationship is something that is rare in the modern world. You will find that teachers are not only keen to celebrate the day with their students, but they also take time out to bond with each other as well. Holding such activities on a Teachers Day date can serve dual purposes – it can also help raise funds for the school. On a Teachers Day date, more money will be generated by the school if it does a lot of fundraisers compared to if it did not do any activities.

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