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Teachers Day Message

Teachers Day Message

Happy Teachers Day! Teachers Day Salutes all Teachers. Teachers Day conveys the message that our nation’s best teachers do so much for our youth. Happy Teachers Day!


Teachers are the unsung heroes of our country. Why? Because they put in the time, energy, and sometimes money to educate our children. Nothing makes more true-comforting than seeing teachers shine and prosper. May they always be happy! Below are Teachers Day Message Celebrations; forward these wishes for Teachers Day to all teachers.


Class Reporters-ask your district director to send you a personal thank you note: “Dear Mr. Barnes, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your support and leadership as District Administrator and that I greatly appreciate your willingness to extend beyond just classroom instruction to greater classroom engagement through your willingness to speak out and champion classroom change.” Also, thank your reporters for their hard work; many of them receive tips from your public relations department. Note: do not leave the reporter waiting for answers to come up; be sure to ask for their take on your ideas-and give them deadlines to meet.


Students-demand that your school board make a teacher’s day message of thanks to all teachers in your district. Make it a slide show of appreciation for the hard work they do each day. To include some students, simply note that “Great Teacher Notes” are being distributed to students today and ask them to write a short statement about how much they appreciated their teachers and the work they do. Sample the message: “I want to congratulate Mr. Barnes on his hiring as our new principal. Our school board is thrilled at the opportunity to welcome him into our classroom. We are all learning together toward a common goal.”


Students, parents and peers have a special bond with teachers. Write a letter of appreciation to them: “To the teachers in our district, you are a source of pride for our students and staff. You have made our students excel academically and emotionally. Your commitment to service is inspiring and continues to lift us up.” Include dates and times of events if possible.


A message from the school board can also follow by students and parents to recognize exemplary teachers, especially those who have been honored with a Teachers Day Message of Appreciation. Remind students that these teachers have helped shape their own personal futures and that they will always be remembered for their commitment to education. Express appreciation for their efforts in the classroom and in providing a positive learning environment. Also, ask them to consider ways in which they can help the school system improve.

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