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Sophie Monk has been called “the most beautiful woman in show business” by the media and the gossip columns. Her talent as a performer is legendary. However, what is lesser known is that Sophie was not always this talented. She began performing at a very young age in Italy as a child prodigy known for her artistic ability to perform astonishing close-ups while onstage and offstage. The child prodigy was so good that she was invited to perform at the Louvre in France and was hailed a master at age 16. Though many professional artists have since tried to capture the same talent, no one has ever achieved the same awe and popularity in the entertainment industry as Sophie has.

A devout Catholic and member of what is considered a deviant religion in the west, Sophie took her talents and abilities to the stage in Australia, but unlike many of her peers, managed to remain true to both her religious roots and personal dreams. She performed alongside her two sisters as well as many other pop stars. She was signed by SST Records in Australia and went on to have her first number one single with That Other Girl. After That Other Girl, Sophie went on to have an enormous hit with Come As You Are and then another huge hit with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Sophie Monk’s career did not end with the rise of the popstar from the early sixties to the seventies, as she continued to tour around the world with the popular band Cheap Trick. In the eighties, Sophie developed a solo career and began working with fellow musicians including the legendary John Entwistle. John Entwistle had many hits throughout his career including Wonderful Tonight, Beautiful Tonight, and I Remember You. He died in 1980, however, just before Sophie Monk’s first album was to be released. She made several more great singles and then in the nineties broke away from Cheap Trick, releasing singles by The Omen and The Specials.

Sophie returned to the stage in the late eighties with the band The Specials. However, she would always be compared to her former colleagues in that time period, being compared by critics to a new breed of female vocalists, which included former members of The Omen, The Specials. However, Sophie remained true to her Australian roots. She has made four more studio albums, all of which have been successful, including the fantastic One Way Light. She has also ventured into the world of theatre, playing opposite Tom Cruise in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Today Sophie remains single, living in London, where she resides with her two dogs and wears a modest number of designer outfits. However, this does not mean that she shirks her responsibilities as an artist and singer. She still regularly performs at gigs around Europe, as well as at various Australia festivals and any other major events that the area is offering. Her fan base has expanded since her first album, The Rose. This was followed up by a further twelve singles which have all been successful, although Sophie has never been able to match the success of her fourteen-year break from The Rose.

However, despite all of this, Sophie has remained defiantly true to her Australian roots. When asked if she had any favourite Aussies, she said “Poppy, my hubby Phil and I have our own farm out on the Gold Coast. There’s a goodieshop down the road from where I work so I get a lot of presents there. I love being here in my little bachelorette gown, it’s so much fun.” Hopefully this article has helped you decide whether Sophie Monk has Got Talent or whether you just want to stay on the Gold Coast and visit some of her concerts.

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