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Skyler Samuels

Skyler Samuels was born in Southern California. Her parents were both teachers. She has two sisters and one brother. Skyler also grew up in Encinitas, California.

Skyler Samuels was an American actor. She has been known for her starring role as Gertrude “GI Rahul” killings in the film wizards of wartrock place on Disney Channel. She has also been known for playing the character of Kaylee Coleman in the television series Burn Notice. She also had a small role in the films No Ordinary Family and American Idol. Skyler Samuels also had a small role in the movie World War Z.

Skyler Samuels was cast in the first season of the television series American Horror Story, playing the recurring role of Clinic Staff member Dr. Jennifer Greene. Dr. Greene is the mother of Rachel Berry (Baker), a young girl who works at the clinic. In the second season, she becomes obsessed with knowing the whereabouts of her daughter Debra (Baker), who disappeared while working as a patient in a mental institute. Dr. Greene attacks her own daughter, killing her and holding the staff at gunpoint until they give up the location of the missing girl.

In the third season, Skyler Samuels takes a more substantial role, playing the recurring role of Clinic Staff member Dr. Pamela Clark. After spending some time in counseling, Pamela decides to pursue her own medical career, but is immediately seduced by an unethical doctor. The two of them become partners in a sexual relationship, which leads Pamela to become possessed by the devil. Skyler Samuels again plays the role of a recurring character, this time as the sexy androgynous doctor’s wife, Jeanette.

In the fourth season of the American TV show, the hunky Skyler Samuels played a secondary role, after filming the second episode of the series. The then-teen actor had been enjoying high popularity in the British entertainment scene. This then earned him two Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for his work in the series. Skyler Samuels was nominated for an additional Oscar for his performance in the film, The Witch.

Skyler Samuels was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for his work in the movie American Horror Story: Hotel. He previously appeared in the British film Eat So Much, as a love interest for Desiree Dupree. Skyler Samuels has also received some critical acclaim for his work as Dr. David Stutler on the television sitcom ER. He has since appeared in a number of independent films and he is set to star in a major motion picture entitled, The Witch.

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