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Dakota Johnson is a British actress and singer. The younger daughter of two Hollywood stars – Daniella Cicarelli and John Rhys-llo – she made her movie debut at the age of eleven with a small role in the horror film Crazy in Alabama. She then went on to feature in several episodes of Law and Order: Special Edition, and the movie version of Scandal. Now, Dakota is one of the best known British actresses in television, and her exploits continue to charm an audience both young and old.

Dakota is perhaps best known from her role as the teenage love interest of attorney played by Justin Hartley in the hit show Happy Days. Dakota is also known for her numerous appearances on the television sitcom Webster, and as the sexy Chastity Lynn in the Friends spin-off, New Kids on the Block. These appearances earned her two Golden Globe Awards, and she has also won an Oscar for her contribution to the movie industry with her performance in Whiplash. Dakota is also known for her voiceovers, most notably in the films Edward Scissorhands and Madagascar.

The real life story of Dakota Johnson begins when her parents divorced when she was young, and she was immediately taken under the wing of her maternal grandmother, Vivienne Johnson, inetime of her parents’ separation. But in true stepmother fashion, the younger half-sister of Johnson’s mother forced the girl to marry a man whose earnings were insufficient to support the family. After several years of marriage, the marriage was annulled due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ and Dakota was left single. She returned to England, where she spent a great part of the following decade performing stage and screen roles, before landing a role on the television programme Father’s Row.

Following her experiences on the small screen, Dakota Johnson was more successful in her first major motion picture role, in the gritty and crime thriller, American Beauty. The film saw Dakota playing the role of Charmaine Brody, a glamorous and beautiful attorney who worked for the firm of attorney, Paul Danziger. She is presented as an ex-convict turned professional who rose through the ranks of the firm to become a top legal expert. Dakota played the part well, displaying the charm that many critics praised about her. She received widespread critical acclaim for her performance, which saw her winning Golden Globes for her work in American Beauty. She then continued with appearances in movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness, The Firm, and Edward Scissorhands, before finally coming onto the big screen in the biopic, 50 shades of Grey.

As an actress, Dakota Johnson has established a good career for herself, but she has yet to receive any acknowledgment from the Academy or the Emmys for her work. She has consistently been nominated for awards from the Golden Globe Awards, the Satellite Awards, the Saturn Awards, and other prestigious award ceremonies. She is currently up for an Oscar for her role as the lead character in the second movie in her series, Beauty And The Beast. Despite being up against better-known actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Meg Ryan, Dakota’s chances of winning the Oscar for best actress in a Leading Role are not great, especially with the wide number of talented actors in front of her at the Oscars this year. However, if she were to win for her role in American Beauty, it would be a very welcome surprise for both her fans and the film industry.

Dakota Johnson may not be the next Jennifer Garner, but there is no doubt that her films have made an impact on the hearts, minds, and souls of movie goers everywhere. Her appearance in the gritty and suspenseful American Beauty, and her portrayal of the morally compromised and yet beautiful Meg Ryan both made people stop and take notice, paving the way for her to sign on for a series of blockbuster Hollywood films. Dakota Johnson will continue to work hard in order to secure herself a place in Hollywood, and hopefully she will be able to win an Oscar for her role as the unforgettable lead character of American Beauty. In the meantime, we will have to wait and see what she can accomplish before she calls it quits from Hollywood. You can count on another great performance from our favorite celebrity in the near future, so keep an eye out for celebrity Dakota Johnson news.

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