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Rainie Yang is a Taiwan-American actress, singer, and model. She has been called by many people “the most beautiful Asian American woman”. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Rainie Yang was a very shy child who was often picked on. She was eventually inspired to pursue a career in acting after seeing her older sister being bullied at school.

While growing up in San Francisco she attended Pacific University and studied Chinese, French, and German. After graduating she decided to get herself cast as a dancer in the annual San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade. This led to many more experiences in the dance community including choreography in San Francisco’s famous Gay Pride Parade. Later in life she became an actor and singer and did a stint in politics. Nowadays she is happily based in Taipei, Taiwan where she continues to make appearances as an actor and singer.

Rainie Yang’s first major break came in the form of performing in a few Mandarin language films released in Taiwan in the early 1990s. Her performance as martial arts expert Weng Kong in the short film Tai Lung indicated that she had the potential to be an interesting and successful actress. After a string of smaller roles later in her career she managed to get herself noticed by Hollywood and landed roles in the films Xan Yang in which she starred alongside Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Yen and Jackie Chan in Old Yai and Kick Ass. All these roles proved that she had the ability to both perform well and speak fluent Mandarin.

In late December of last year, Rainie Yang was interviewed on the Chinese social networking site Weibo by one of her fans. The question posed was about her upcoming new album. The singer indicated that she was working on the album with her former partner, but she wasn’t quite ready to reveal who that person was. Yang stated that they had worked on the album for more than a year, but were not yet finished. Yang did reveal that the album will feature both original tracks from the Chinese opera, Romance of the Three Mothers, and a number of songs that have been taken from the new Man Made album that will be released in March.

There is no official track listing for the project as of yet, but fans can look forward to at least a few songs from the album. This follows a few singles that have leaked from the Chinese arm of Rave Concerts in the past, including one that was initially supposed to be released with the fifth album of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Man With The Iron Fist. Of course, there is no confirmation whether or not this track will actually make it to the set date of Rainie Yang and Man Made.

In terms of music, it is expected that the songs from the forthcoming album will take the listener by surprise. In fact, some are speculating that they may already be favorites among fans already. A sneak peek video from the set of the video for the single “Honey Moon” can already be found on YouTube. This is just one example of how the band is progressing as an artist. It is also worth mentioning that a previously unknown song called “I’m Your Star”, featuring Yung Lean’s vocals, was previously planned to be the second single from the album, but has now been postponed indefinitely.

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