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Park Jin-young is a South Korean pop singer, actress, and songwriter best known commonly anonymously by his initials, Park Jin-young. He is currently a member of boy band Got, also under the name Jinyoung. At the beginning of his career, Park was an assistant to the well-known singer and actor Sung Hyeon. Other names he goes by are Jin-sik, Park Myung, and Park Minhyung. Park is of Korean descent, but was born in the USA.

Park Jin-young first gained attention during the late eighties and early nineties as a member of Japanese rock band Crazy Boys. The band’s lead singer was Kim Tae-hoon. For a short time, Park Jin-young played a lead role in the Japanese movie adaptation of the same name, Dream Team.

He then became a member of Jumper, a popular boy band from the 1990s. Jumper gained worldwide popularity with their hit single “Reckless.” Park Jin-young then formed his own group called won, which later became known as Jumper. After several months, Park left the group to form his own band, called won plus 1. After several months, Park Jin-young was then released from his contract withwon plus 1.

In between his contract with Won and Jumper, Park Jin-young had was working on a musical project under the name Mirrour. Mirrour, like Dream Team, would only release its first album, called Mirrour, in its entirety, as opposed to its follow-up album. This is when the real musical project began. Mirrour would release another album called Red, which was better received, due to the more experimental and diverse song structure.

After several months of recording, Park Jin Young put together his first group of soloists and members. Together, they began to make their own music and put out their first single named, Laughter. The single, “Laughter” became an instant hit in south Korean dramas and later international music scene. The single became the second track that was downloaded into Apple iTunes, right after the juggernauts of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s “Hit Me One More Time.”

The single eventually went to number three on the iTunes chart. After that song was done, Park Jin Young worked on the next Jumper song and got it to number four on the iTunes chart. With his work on the new group, titled as “H.A.M,” he came back with the first K-pop group to have a hit song on the iTunes chart in over two decades. Laughter is still the only K-pop group to have that many hits in a single year, since the new Jumper group did not last long in popularizing the song.

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