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Choi Young-jae is a South Korean pop artist and singer. He is currently the lead vocalist of the Korean girl band Got. In 2021, he was one of the celebrities to receive a Gemini award, which is an award given to outstanding new artists in the music industry. The reason why he received this award is due to his consistent concerts and his excellent live performances.

Choi Young-jae was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of six, his family moved to the United States. This is where his love for music began. At the age of seven, he started taking lessons from a dance instructor who was in his primary school. At the age of ten, he enrolled in the University of Washington which was his college of choice.

Choi Young-jae made his first musical appearance when he was cast as the lead singer of the popular kid’s band, Got 7. The band gained rapid popularity in the south Korean singer-singer market. The boy group gained further popularity when they were able to sign a contract with J sang-koo of the well-known J singing group. The boy group gained even more popularity when they were able to make it big by signing contracts with several well know artists including Sung Hae-young, Kim Tae-woo, and Kim Sung-kyu. These four eventually became known as the popular and successful boy group, Got 7.

Aged seventeen years old, Choi Young-jae made his first music video for the group, Come To My Life. The video was successful and helped the group gain more popularity. In this video, the boy group gained even more popularity as they were able to show their good looks and attractive features that attracted many female viewers. Later on, the male band members were able to make their appearance on the music show, The Lipstick Game, along with their famous male vocals, Kim Tae-woo, and Lee Seong-min.

At the age of twenty-one, the popular singer-singer, Choi Young-jae suddenly appeared on the popular TV show, MBC Every1. This sudden development of his fame caused much confusion and surprise among the other South Korean artists and actors. There was much speculation and questions being thrown around as to who is this boy who suddenly made his debut on the show. Many people believed that it is possible that he is either a new member of a boy band, or perhaps a new celebrity.

The next month, on the exact same day, another famous South Korean singer, Jinyoung Kim, was chosen as the special host of the show. The two singers became competitors for the role of special host. This competition further increased the popularity of hot young-jae and other South Koreans that are appearing in the world of show business. In the end, Jinyoung won the special host position, while Choi Young-jae became the first ever South Korean star to win an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. This success of Choi Young-jae has increased his fame to a whole new level.

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