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Melora Hardin was born in Southern California. Her parents, Frank Hardin and Ida Marjorie Hardin, raised her two younger siblings alone in their home, a converted house on a wooded tract in Encinitas. Her father, an insurance man, taught herding goats, and her mother, a talented writer, taught her to sew. She earned a degree in theater arts from the University of San Diego, but soon decided that she wanted to be an actress. She spent much of her time performing odd jobs around the area, such as painting buildings, assembling furniture, setting up stalls at fairs, and working at day spas. In her late teens, Melora got a chance to work on a television show, The Practice, which propelled her to her first break in Hollywood.

Melora Hardin has since appeared in a number of notable films and TV shows, most notably as the sexy stripper Chastity Lynn on FX’s Justified, where she played the character of Renee Alta. She also appeared in the movies Baby Mama, What Happens in Vegas, and Free Enterprise. In addition, Melora has also been married to actor Nick Nolte, and the two have had a son together. She currently has a role in the second installment of Finding Nemo, though she’s not expected to reprise her role as Marlin since another character was already cast in the film.

Melora Hardin’s acting career wasn’t done after her stint on Justified, though, as she continued to appear in other high-budget films, including the hit comedy The Social Network. The film, which starred Jason Lee, directed by Ava Gardner, did not do well at the box office, but its ensemble cast, which also included Eddie Murphy, Michael Caine, and directed by David Fincher, did. In the film, Hardin plays Marina, an Internet blogger who gets fired from her job after posting negative comments about her boss on her personal blog. She then turns to her sister for support, but things go bad between them when her sister is killed in a car crash.

Following the success of The Social Network, Melora has since been cast in a number of TV series, including the crime drama Degrassis, the supernatural series No Ordinary Family, and the ABC Family series Once Upon a Time. Her last major role was in the short-lived Amazon pilot Searching for Mr. Dora, in which she plays Dora, the friendly teddy bear who is featured in the first episodes of the series. Her final episode, Searching for Mr. Dora, will be premiering in the summer of 2021.

Today, Melora is best known as a fitness instructor and weight loss advocate. Her online blog, My Exotic Hair, documents her love affair with trimming her body in an effort to look like the fitness model behind the pages of her popular self-help book. She tells readers that she has been studying dance and reading women’s magazines to improve her acting career. In one episode of her television show, she reveals that she still keeps up with her acting classes. As hard as it is to believe, Hardin may have found her biggest acting break yet.

While it’s too early to judge Hardin’s acting career in terms of longevity, it’s safe to say that she has had quite a few chances to shine in front of the camera. Whether it’s her television shows or her acting lessons, there’s no denying that Hardin has emerged as a promising, established, and likable actress. Her good looks and naturally radiant skin make her an attractive fit for many roles. Her good looks, coupled with her naturally brilliant acting ability have elevated Hardin into a name that many people recognize, making her a perfect choice to play the lead in a young adult television series, or to be the lead in an upcoming movie.

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