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Matthew David Morris, more commonly known as MattyB, is an American hip-hop artist, singer, musician and dancer who quickly rose to popularity posting numerous rework versions of popular songs on YouTube. MattyB is most well known for his music video for the song Jumpking High (watch on YouTube). A multi-million dollar contract with Def Jam Recordings led to widespread chart success and the single “Keep On Breathing”, which was featured in the film Invictus, was another No.1 hit. In addition, MattyB was a member of the hip-hop group The Roots.

MattyB has been described by others as a difficult artist to keep motivated. MattyB was born in foster homes and spent much of his early years trying to find his way out. He was arrested several times while in juvenile detention and spent time in jail for several years. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a gun battle with another teenager in Los Angeles, California. After serving two and a half years in prison, he was released on parole but later returned to jail for another offense.

Since his release, Matty BRaps has gained a large following on the internet. He has also become a successful rap artist with a steady stream of music featuring heavy vocals and catchy hooks. He has released several singles that have reached the top of the charts, including the 2010 song Jumpin’ At The Donut Shop.

As a rap artist, MattyBRaps has created a persona and stage name that is distinct from other rappers on the platform. Some have compared MattyBRaps to the late Michael Jackson, but MattyBRaps seems to be more comfortable posting verses online than performing live. Mattybraps is known for his controversial lyrics, which have caused advertisers to pull ads from his website. These circumstances have caused MattyBRaps to become an internet sensation.

MattyBRaps gained further popularity when he decided to hire the services of an American rap songwriter/rapper named Wale, who is based in Los Angeles. Mattybraps and Wale have been working together since Matty BRaps started earning money through his YouTube channel in 2008. As the online marketing and promotion company that they are, Mattybraps has worked to promote Matty BRaps and to provide a venue for the artist to sell music. Through this affiliation, MattyBRaps has been able to gain the attention of national tastemakers like Pharrell, who has released two singles that were featured on Mattybraps.

Matty BRaps began working with local hip hop DJ when he was in high school and first went to college to study music, however he decided not to major in music. He began posting verses online to popularize his music, which led him to meeting up with other artists. The brothers took their connection for granted and did not take the time to properly promote themselves. After deciding to get serious about making a proper business of their musical career, they began searching for a label to help them market their singles. A few years ago, Matty BRaps released their first official single “Take Me Away” as a member of the Wale family, which helped boost their sales and their awareness.

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