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Jessica Ellen Cornish, better known to her fans as Jessie J, is a well-known English singer songwriter. Born and raised in London, she started her musical career on stage, playing various instruments before turning professional at the age of 11. After this, she gained popularity as a solo artist, debuting with singles like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Take That. She has also appeared in films such as Pretty Woman and The Princess and the Pea. Jessie J has since gone on to enjoy a successful recording career, with hits such as Kick Paces, Shake, and Take Me Home.

In her spare time, Jessie J enjoys acting, painting, drawing, and writing. She began her musical career as a member of the London performing arts collective The Cuddle Sore Boys. After leaving the group, she went on to become one of the best-selling comedians in the U.K., with appearances on Top 5 hit songs. Her comedy songs include such classics as “Ho Hey, It’s Christmas”, “Everything Is Awesome”, and “I’m a Celebrity.” In 2021, she made a return to the limelight, appearing alongside Owen Wilson in the film We Are God.

Aside from her work on the stage, Jessie J has also delved into her personal life. In the past year, she went on a two-week holiday in Europe, which led to a writing stint about her experiences there. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Jessie J revealed that she was dating a Chinese pop star Panda, whom she had never met in person. She is also currently in the process of developing a memoir about her love life in the Western world.

While discussing her new memoir, Jessie J spoke about how her break-up with Channing Tatum caused her to begin working on a book all about herself. She revealed that the break up was sparked by the fact that Tatum wanted to be a more traditional artist, and not a pop star like Jessie J. On the same day, the band went bankrupt. As it was becoming apparent to Jessie J that her dream career as a pop singer was fading, she decided to make a memoir about what it was really like to be in the band. “I realized if I put all the facts in that book, people would be really surprised about who I am,” she said. She went on to reveal that she was inspired to write the book because she felt that everyone needs to have a behind the scenes look at how a band gets together and goes through the daily rituals.

Jessie J is not the only artist to have woven a personal life into their music. In 2021, London rapper PC P went under the knife. After months of speculation, it was finally announced that P had been given the all clear from the doctors. This followed months of Jessie J fans speculating as to what the real problem was, whether she had an eating disorder or not.

PC P’s real problem was with his image, as many critics claimed that his image was so distorted that he was wearing headgear to hide the fact that his throat was swollen. In the lead up to the writing of Jessie J’s memoirs, PC P released several videos in which he was seen wearing a non-disposable camera on set, and conversing with his ghostwriter, Jannick LaBeouf. PC P’s publicist later confirmed to the press that the band was not going to go on tour with the French pop group vocals, but instead concentrate on their current activities. They are expected to have a “last minute” show in Paris soon.

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