JSC Grading System 2021 [Mark Distribution]

JSC Exam 2019 will start on 1st November 2019 and continue till 15 November 2019. Read JSC Grading System 2019 (According to JSC New Syllabus 2019). We are providing a GPA Making System (GPA Calculation System of JSC) and Some Example for you. You will use this System to check your JSC Result. So, continue reading this post clearly. If you face any problem during reading, you can ask the details question. All questions of the JSC Grading System and Mark Distribution will be answered shortly.

JSC Grading System 2019 New Syllabus:

In 2019, JSC Exam Syllabus and Mark Distribution Changed. Regular JSC Examine will face 7 Subjects in JSC Exam 2019. We hope, you have got it details in past. JSC Routine has also published with this system. This Year (2018), Bangla and English Subject will be a complete Subject. No part will available at Bangla and English. While last year Examine attends on Bangla First Part and Bangla second Part Exam, this year Examine will attend on Bangla Subject.

This system will also work on the English Subject. You will get the answer of How to calculate GPA of JSC Result 2019. The grading system is very important during the Exam time. The Student needs to keep the Grading System in Mind. It will also help you to make a Good Result in JSC. Let’s check the JSC Mark Distribution and Grading System from the below.

JSC Grading System

JSC Grading System – Grade and GPA by Marks:

There are Seven Grades available for JSC Exam. The Lowest Grade is F. F mean Fail. Other Six Grades are Pass but different Ranking. Lowest Pass Grade is D and Highest Grade is A+. If a subject will contain Theory, MCQ and Practical, both will be count to make Grading Point (GPA) and Letter Grade. See Details from the below Table. We have also added a details GPA Calculation system in below. It will help you to calculate your Own GPA for JSC Exam 2019.

Marks Range Letter Grade Grading Point (GPA)
80 – 100 A+ 5.00
70 – 79 A 4.00
60 – 69 A- 3.50
50 – 59 B 3.00
40 – 49 C 2.00
33 – 39 D 1.00
0 – 32 F 0.00

How to Calculate GPA for JSC Result 2019?

Here is an example of a JSC Examine Subject wise Expected Grade and GPA. Now We will help to calculate the GPA of the Result. You can also add your own Expected GPA or Grade for Each Subject to Calculate your Own Result 2019.

Subject Code Subject Name Grade Point
101 BANGLA A+ 5.00
107 ENGLISH A+ 5.00
127 SCIENCE A 4.00
111/112/113/114 RELIGION STUDIES A+ 4.00
154 ICT A 5.00

Now, We need to collect the Result of the Total GPA. We’ll get it from (5.00+5.00+5.00+4.00+5.00+4.00+5.00) = 33.00. The total Subject is 7. To get the Final GPA which will be the GPA of JSC Result, we need to decide the Total GPA by Total Subject.

So, The GPA is = 33.00/7 = 4.71

With the Same system, you can calculate your Own GPA to find out your Expected JSC Result 2019. Just make a note of Expected Grade after completing Every Exam. After completing All Exam, get total Point and Divide it by your Total JSC Subject. For JSC Regular Examine (2019), the Total Subject number is 7.

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