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Jordin Sparks was born in Phoenix. She is the youngest of three children of Phillipi Sparks. Her parents divorced when she was young and she moved with her mom and older sister to their home in Tempe, Arizona where her father worked as a stockbroker. Jordin became popular in the predominantly Christian home and attended Christian schools and even did some traveling and singing while she was in high school.

Jordin’s biological mother, Alice Jordan, was bipolar and died when Jordin was only nine years old. Alice had a son with Jason Jordan, but Jason became very close to his adopted daughter, Jordin. Jordin moved away when she was nineteen years old and was active in the Nation of Islam and other mosques. She did not attend college and worked at a domestic violence call center while studying to become a paralegal.

Jordin has been an athlete in high school football, basketball, tennis, track, and field. She earned a full scholarship to Arizona State University where she earned a degree in communications in 1993. Although she never played sports seriously, she has always used her abilities and excelled in academics. She has degrees in communication and sociology and has worked as a legal assistant, a paralegal, and as a receptionist in various law firms.

A Jordin Sparks biography can show that she excelled in academics, worked hard in the courtroom, and excelled as a member of the ASU women’s basketball team, but sports was not her forte. She joined the football team as a backup quarterback and did not play as a true quarterback during her two years at ASU. However, she did play some soccer as a part of the team, although it was not near her natural ability.

Jordan Sparks is one of those athletes who achieved great success in all aspects of her life but has not achieved the same success in her career. She is not the first athlete to have a difficult time playing sports professionally, but she is perhaps one of the worst examples. Many other female athletes have come and gone without a successful career in sports. Women are far more successful than men when it comes to sports.

It would not be too difficult for Jordan to find a profession if she wanted one. She is talented, beautiful, and can play golf, tennis, and track. These are sports where careers are available. As long as she is willing to take the chance, she should be able to make a successful career in anything she wants. Jordan is one of the few female athletes who have shown that it is possible to have a successful career in sports other than football.

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