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Jackie Evancho is an American contemporary pop singer/songwriter who quickly gained worldwide popularity at an incredibly young age. From her first EP released in 1997 to her latest release eight albums, including two platinum-sellingEP’s, she has been the topic of many biographies and single documentaries. She has also been the topic of numerous stage shows, commercials and other media promotions. But what is behind the impressive longevity of one of today’s most popular and talented stars?

Evancho was born in Southern California, the daughter of Hispanic parents who moved to Hawaii when Jackie was very young. Growing up, she learned from her mother and grandmother about music, acting and other forms of expression through dance. At age nine, Jackie took piano lessons in order to learn how to play the piano. Her passion for music would be cemented as she attended the Santa Barbara Arts Academy, an intensive theater program for youngsters, where she discovered a love for music and art.

Evancho quickly became known for her amazing voice, which earned her appearances on TV’s “American Idol” as well as her very first album, “My Friends in the Aeroplane”, which contained several chart-topping hits. After that album, she went on to showcase her talent on “E.T.” and “The Perfect Score” for both Tim Rice and Ben Ebert. The success of these songs catapulted Evancho into her first career as a professional singer/songwriter, with songs like “Chiropractors” and “Lucky for Me” hitting the top of the charts.

After an impressive career as a singing sensation, Jackie Evancho decided to pursue a career in writing, having received several book deals after her “E.T.” appearance and continued to tour extensively, singing both her own songs and those of others. Her movie career had an early success with the release of “E.T.” However, her biggest break would be when she was cast as the lead in the blockbuster movie “The Princess and the Frog”, which she also co starred in alongside Mike De Luca, Mickey Rourke and Alexander Fleming.

While many artists have a short burst of success before fizzling out or moving on to greener pastures, Jackie Evancho has continued to earn accolades and awards throughout her career. Her music has inspired many other artists including Patti LaBelle, Enya, Mary J. Blige and Kelly Clarkson, and she has been nominated for Grammys in both the music and costume categories. Her eclectic approach to songwriting has kept her grounded and focused on the unique qualities of her unique voice alone. She has sold over five hundred studio albums and numerous self-written songs throughout her career, which is a record for most female vocalists.

There are many things that make up a successful artist and performer. However, perhaps one of the most important factors that continues to fuel their drive is their drive and desire to continue making great music. Jackie Evancho has displayed the ability to consistently pursue and accomplish her goals throughout her career. She has accomplished the success by not compromising her standards and beliefs. And even though the world has shifted to the acceptance of different types of music, her music will always remain relevant.

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