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Reba Mcentire, sometimes referred to as Reba Nelly, is an American pop singer, actress, and country songwriter. She started her musical career in the early seventies, singing live at outdoor karaoke bars, at country shows, in buses, and as a teenager writing for her family’s church group. She eventually signed with Atlantic Records and went solo in the eighties. Her solo work has made her popular with both female and male audiences. She was a member of the band Traveling Wiliams along with Reba Pearl, along with Reba Rose. The band later became Reba McQueen.

Reba McEntire’s career spanned four decades, making her one of the more successful female country artists of her time. She rose to prominence through numerous tours with artists such as Waylon Jennings, Merle Travis, Boz Scaggs, Johnny Jenkins, and Johnny Tight. She also appeared on the cover of Time Magazine for her appearance in an award-winning commercial for Reebok’s Light Up Gold. Reba McEntire’s first album in her solo career was titled Here There and You Are, an extremely well-received album that featured the hit song “I’m a Believer”. Reba McEntire also had a number of hits including hits like I’m a Believer, Reach for the Sky, Reach for the Top, Make Me Believe You Will Be Fine, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Hurt, Get Him Away, Just a Little Lovin’, and Purple Haze.

Reba McEntire’s last album, A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Soul Makers was released in 2021 and went gold. It was a very well-received album that featured many high-profile artists, including Reba McEntire and Reba Waters. However, unlike her previous albums, this album was not a top seller. Reba McEntire’s last album did not even make it to the platinum album chart. This is surprising considering how well she has sold albums in the past.

In a surprise move, Reba McEntire released the album New England on her own label, hoping to regain her lost sales. Reba McEntire made a few singles on the independently owned label, but the rest of the songs were not as well received. One of the worst singles was “Iris”, which seemed to lack the popularity of some other singles from her past. Reba McEntire has only released one album since her self-titled debut in 1998, so it was not surprising that she decided to make a completely new album. The good news is that Reba McEntire has finally released the album that everyone wants, New England, which was released on April 13th.

Reba McEntire’s music can be described as being a mixture of country blues, pop, along with other female vocalist influences. Her voice has been compared to that of Stevie Nicks, Pam Anderson, Nancy Sinatra, along with some more famous female vocalists. Her music has been compared to Janis Joplin, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, as well as several others. No matter who you listen to, Reba McEntire has definitely created an impact in terms of her music, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to reach number one in both the male and female vocals categories on the new England album.

No matter who you are, Reba McEntire can be your favorite female vocalist for many reasons. Some of those reasons include her ability to create catchy tunes, her talent as a songwriter, as well as her excellent performance on the acoustic steel guitar. Reba has also created six albums, all of which have hit the country music charts. Her next album, entitled New England, will be her last for New England, as she is already working on her next project.

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