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Bethany Joy is a professional writer and editor who has written for many publications. She has also edited for several celebrities. She has lived in Boston, Maryland, New York City and Dallas, Texas. As a child she was often asked to draw, paint or write plays, and she loved doing so! She attended Bethany College, in Maryland, for two years studying English and creative writing.

Bethany Joy has appeared in numerous motion pictures, TV shows and commercials. She has been known to play both good and evil roles. In the television series “The Firm” she played the role ofomas, the beautiful but evil stepmother. She appeared in “That 70s Show” as an evil stepmother to Danny Zuko’s family. She also had a supporting role in the movie “Don’t Take Me Alive”. She has also guest-appeared on “The Simpsons” and “That 70s Show” in various different capacities.

Bethany Joy has also had varied screen credits that include appearing in the films “Million Dollar Baby” and “E.T.” She was also in the film “Irene”, which starred Bill Murray. She also had a small role in the film “We Are Marshall” that was directed by Wes Craven. She also was a contestant on “The Price is Right” where she competed with several other women for the right to be seen by viewers on A&E.

Bethany Joy is an artist that has released several independent music CDs. Her most popular self-recorded album is titled “Savior Celebration Listening Experience”. She has also produced a few albums for other people, including herself. Many of the songs on this CD were co-written with her daughter Sade, and are great examples of familial vocals. She has also released several singles andEP’s that feature both herself and her daughter.

Bethany Joy has also been in the past involved with Broadway musicals. She sang the theme song of the play “Broken Dishes” in the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for The Royal Court. This was followed by appearances on “Songs from the Stone Age” and “Nights in Pink Satin.” She also sang the songs “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “White As Snow” in the film “The Nutcracker.”

Bethany Joy does have her disadvantages as an actress. She often complains about not being able to find time to get out of bed and perform because of her “relationship issues.” She would like to develop romantic relationships and develop a stage career. She has only had a small role in some movies, but that would be enough to say that she is one of the best actors out there today.

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