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Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall was born in Northumberland, England in 1990. She is a professional singer-songwriter/ composer that has spanned the genre playing various roles in both stage and screen. Jade has also won awards for her work as a songwriter and vocalist in various capacities. Jade was known to be very adventurous when it came to her stage performances as she once climbed a crane to reach the top of a building’s roof to sing a few bars of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Jade Thirlwall grew up in a musical family. Her mother is a talented pianist and performed improvised music while Jade was growing up, along with her grandparents. Jade had a love of music from a very early age and was always interested in performing in any form, even acting. Jade performed at a young age in high school plays, school dances, and even as a tap dancer in the local community hall. Jade was also a member of a group called Nene Espree in the mid 90s, as was her best friend.

Jade Thirlwall made her video debut at the audition of American Idol where she was seen by judges including Adam Lambert. During the show, Jade became popular as a contestant and was eventually chosen as the fifth contestant during the final episode of the seventh season. Jade impressed the judges with her rendition of “Gucci Guilty” and was given her second chance at another chance on the show. Jade Thirlwall became a contestant again for the second time in the eighth season. This time, she was a contestant that became popular through word of mouth and rumors that spread across the internet.

After her split from American Idol, Jade Thirlwall seemed to shed some of her inhibitions, even after being labeled as a punk in the online world. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jade claimed that she went to a club to meet her girl friend and was drunk when she propositioned her. Jade also implied that she may have had a fling with Chris Brown. Jade was seen in a photo via Instagram wearing a shirt that said “I’m the new British outsized personality.”

Jade Thirlwall has been busy since her split from American Idol. She was seen in the pages of Maxim Magazine wearing an outfit similar to the one she was seen wearing on American Idol, except with a tighter fitting skirt. Jade also recently wrapped up a deal to star in a new British pop singer song named “My Favorite Things” with fellow pop singer Sam Smith. It is possible that Jade has finally wowed her way into a mainstream with this latest effort. Jade Thirlwall has also been linked to British supergroup The Weekendenders, which features former boy band The O’Flynn’s.

Jade Thirlwall will next be seen on the television show X Factor, where she will be a contestant alongside Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow. She will be one of many pop singers competing for the chance to be the first eighth season X Factor host. X Factor ratings are already starting to soar, giving Thirlwall yet another chance at the limelight. Her performance on the show will most likely propel her to stardom status, as many of her previous singles have done. It will be interesting to follow how far Jade Thirlwall can go, given her undeniable likability among the audience.

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