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Eve Plumb is a British actress who played the recurring middle daughter on The Brady Bunch. She was portrayed as a fun and outgoing character, always smiling and wearing her signature fedora hat. She had two children with her husband, Larry; she also had a son with him, Michael. She has been married to Larry for 14 years. She is most well known from her role as the mother on the television sitcom, The Brady Bunch, as well as for her appearances in several other media.

Eve Plumb is best known for her role on The Brady Bunch, as the wife of the late, great played by David Hyde Pierce, and also for her memorable guest appearance on the famous Saturday morning cartoon show, Fizzle. She also appeared on an episode of Family Matters as the voice of Bubba the Cat. Eve’s other memorable role was on the television series Family Ties, where she played the role of Ellen DeGeneres’ mother, Mrs. Pearl. She also appeared on several episodes of Super Fun Time with John Stewart as the mother on The Daily Show.

Eve Plumb was born in Pitney Bowes, Massachusetts, and was named Evelyn Plumb in accordance with the law, born in that year in Virginian Colony. She is a descendant of Richard Plunkett, a leader of the English Protestant movement in the seventeenth century. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and she went to live in a poor neighborhood, which was located in what is now Kenilworth, New Jersey. She worked as a housekeeper for her grandmother, Mrs. Winthrop, for six years, and then went to boarding school in Connecticut, from which she graduated in 1801.

Eve’s earliest and most notable television appearance was on the first episode of The Brady Bunch, in which she played the first lesbian love interest for Tom Hanks’ character, played by Cybill Shepherd. Her relationship with Hanks was extremely brief, but it established her as someone who had her own interests and talents. She appeared again in several episodes of The Brady Bunch, which helped to popularize her image on television, as well as her subsequent appearances on other successful television shows, including M.A.S.H., Ernie and Myrna’s Show, and Bill & Rich.

Eve was also one of the main stars of the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic story, Jamesumper diary. She played the young Victoria Plunkett, whose mother, Blanchett, was a strong and domineering force in her marriage. Eve became irritated by her mother’s criticism of her outfit, and her bullying. This led her to meet and fall in love with the older man, whom she eventually got to marry. Her role in this movie marked the beginning of Eve Plumb’s association with the big city, and she appeared in several more movies thereafter.

Though Eve Plumb has mostly stayed in the small screen, she did star in a few Hollywood films, most notably Big. She appeared in the classic science fiction film, King Kong, as well as the 1980 cult comedy, A Few Good Men. She also appeared in the movie adaptation of the book E.T. She is currently married to musician and vocalist, ex-lap dancer, and technology consultant, Mark Linn-Baker.

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