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Lea Michele

Lea Michele is an American singer, dancer, and model. Born in Nassau County, New York, she began performing at a young age, playing the piano. As she grew, she appeared in musicals such as Cats, The Perfect Romance, Thank You. She later went on to star in numerous movies, including Scrooged, You’re A Beautiful Woman, Blowin’ In The Wind, Pretty Woman, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, E.T. and Chicago.

Lea Michele is also an accomplished performer, contributing songs to the musical show Glee. Her song, “Take Me Out To The Park”, from the musical show Glee, went to number one on the chart and has consistently ranked as Lea Michele’s best-selling single. Lea Michele’s other credits include: She is a judge on Dancing with the Stars, she was a contestant on American Idol, she was a cast member on The New York Upstart Show and has guest-starred on numerous other television shows including Roseanne. Lea Michele is most notably known for her role as Santana on the television show Glee.

Lea Michele is one half of the loveable characters in the hit television series Glee. She plays Rachel Berry, a young, beautiful single woman who works in a catering company. Her best friend is played by Goulden Michaels, who also plays her best friend in the show. Lea Michele also co-writes and sang on several of her songs, including “Hair” from the second album Everything or Else, “Wish You Were Here” from the second album Bored to Death, “Hollywood Divorce” from the second album We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, “Forever Tonight” from the second album Paper Bag, and the track “Paparazzi” from the third album Wildfire. As well as her musical work, Lea Michele has also found herself behind the camera, lending her voice to several award-winning documentaries.

Lea Michele is not a newbie to the world of animal rights, has dedicated herself to it following her appearance on an episode of Oprah in which she ate a slice of a donated tiger’s brain. The experience has left Michele with a strong commitment to the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. She has also given several speeches and served as a spokesmodel for several gay rights, vegan and vegetarian groups, all of which she feels strongly about. As such, Lea Michele has released a number of animal rights inspired charity singles, such as “Beefy for Bebe,” “arest of Angels,” “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and “The Only Way is Essex.”

While it’s not possible to say whether or not any of these songs will hit the top twenty on the UK charts, chances are high that at least a few of them will. In the past, Lea Michele had appeared on a few of the American reality shows “The Apprentice” and “The View,” so she has some connection with a younger audience than some of the other country music stars have. In fact, the very first song on her first major album was called “Beefy.” Lea Michele made her debut on “The Apprentice” as the “Ruthless Roper” and quickly became one of the show’s most popular characters.

Beyond singing, Michele has also made several movies in her native new jersey. She appeared in the remake of Beauty Shop with Chris Evans, as well as in the movies Chicago, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Awaken, Sleepaway, The Perfect Score, and The Secret Life of Pets. As with many other celebrities, Lea Michele has not held back when it comes to sharing her personal beliefs about animals. If anything, her beliefs are more moderate than those of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. However, she does seem to be a strong advocate for spaying and neutering cats, which is probably a position that she holds strongly for the sake of her pet cats as well as herself.

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