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Who is Emma Bunton? Emma Bunton is a famous British actress, singer, writer and television presenter. She’s most well known as a regular member of the Spice Girls, having spent a large amount of time with them throughout her young career. She’s also established herself as an accomplished stand up comedian, with appearances on several sitcoms including Coupling and Absolutely Fabulous. Emma Bunton was born in November of 1976, the daughter of a taxi driver and a teacher.

After graduating from secondary school, she went to train at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, where she studied drama, music theory and applied arts. Whilst there, she discovered her true calling as a stand up comedy performer and was soon performing with the solo act, The Spank Singers. After a string of shows on the South Coast of England, she decided it was time to move to her native North London and to pursue her acting goals. During this time, she would also establish herself as a karate instructor, which would prove vital in her later career.

So who is Emma Bunton today? Today, Emma is best known for her role as Zsanett in the TV sitcom, Stag Show. Despite her appearances on screen, she has remained largely isolated from the public eye, living her life privately in north London, rarely associating with the press or the general public. Her former teacher, Paul Banks, described her as his own private little sister, due to her unique way of learning. Emma’s first experience of martial arts was when she was involved in a motor accident whilst on holiday, which resulted in serious injuries. She returned to school to find that it was not a school that she enjoyed going to, but rather a karate studio.

In 1996, Emma Bunton released her second album, Emmeline, which featured the song ‘Sweater Girl’. It went to number one in the UK and was quickly followed by The Electric Picnic. The success of these first two albums meant that Bunton was then in demand as a lead vocalist in a number of pop groups. She reached number one in the US with the track ‘Sweater Girl’, which were then followed by hits like No Way, and Hey Jude.

As she began to struggle with her vocal chords, she began learning martial arts, in order to improve upon her voice. This led her to study singing, which she pursued with great success, eventually hitting the song, ‘Sweater Girl’ with the help of her then boyfriend, Declan Shalvey. After that, Bunton concentrated on her vocal abilities, writing and performing her own songs throughout her career, including ‘Evasive Thoughts’, ‘Haitian’, and ‘Give Me The Reason’.

As well as working as a solo artist, Emma Bunton also had a large role in the world of Theatre, is acting in such shows as A Chorus Line, and also is appearing alongside The Beatles in The Day That The Earth Stood Still. However, her greatest role to date would be as the mother in the television sitcom, Eastenders. The show lasted for five seasons, which made it one of the most successful TV shows of all time. She also appeared in the movie adaptation of the show, as well as several other movies and specials.

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