Ella Henderson

lla Henderson

Ella Henderson is an English actress and singer. She has appeared in a number of popular TV shows, including Strictly Come Dancing, Catastarse and Have I Got A Girl? She is best known for her vocals, which are popular with listeners of all ages. Ella was named a BAFT award winner in 2021 for her work as a singer/songwriter.


Ella is currently dating a musician called Jason Orange, who is from a family of musicians. She has been dating him since 2021. Recently, Ella has made an appearance on stage, performing a cover of Nirvana’s “Hells Back Home”.


Ella has previously worked with artists such as James Blunt, Melanie Brown and Jonathan Church. In the ninth series of the British version of the X Factor, Ella competed against fellow contestant Jade Jagger, who was known for her energetic and outgoing persona. Jade was eventually eliminated in the first round, but not before Ella displayed an impressive performance, garnering a large number of supportive cheers from the audience. Ella Henderson then impressed the judges with her ability to perform a rendition of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”. The song is extremely similar to “Molly’s Lullaby”, which features one of the lead vocalists from this band. In an interview, Ella said that she felt a certain amount of strain while trying to get into the song.


Ella Henderson has an impressive net worth, which could possibly have made her a more popular British singer in the past. However, in the recent months she has been criticized for some of her public comments regarding her looks. It is rumoured that Ella may have considered undergoing plastic surgery, but has decided against this due to the negativity it might cause in her career. In fact, the English singer Jade English shared a photograph on the social media site, Twitter, in which she appears to have undergone plastic surgery. In the caption, she wrote “got rid of all the fat in my face. It’s time to start acting like an artist!”


In spite of these public comments, Ella Henderson retains her position as the highest paid British singer of all time, placing behind only Idina Menes, who is only second to Henderson on the earnings chart. Jade English has claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail that she feels the pressures of being an aspiring English singer. She explained that the constant criticism of her looks and character drives her to work harder and be better at what she does. Ella has refused to answer any questions regarding her weight, drinking habits or other personal issues. This article is for information purposes only and is not advocating the use of any kind of weight loss products.


It would appear that Ella Henderson’s public image as a tough and confident professional has not been rocked by the public spotlight, at least so far. The former chart-topper has remained focused on her business career, even making a return to the world of show business following a successful stint on stage. The songstress is currently busy with the filming of a music video for her song “Take Me Away”, which will be broadcast on Channel 4. This will be her first television appearance since the series began in 2021. It is interesting to speculate how much further the English singer will fall from where she already stands, but it looks like her professional and personal life will continue to go in the same direction.

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