Elissa is a Lebanese performing artist and singer. She is known for her sweet voice and has been compared to Ymaoulah Bay. Elissa was born in 1975 and began studying music at the age of 14 in a school in Quseir, overlooking the city of Haifa. The lessons she received there would form the basis of what would later become Elissa’s distinctive voice. She also studied with musicians such as Issam al-Rafea and Bassoouneh. As a teen she went to live and work in New York City but soon decided to go back to her hometown to carry on her musical interests.

Elissa’s musical interests include writing and she has released four albums so far. Her voice has an Irish lilt to it and although the accent is not perfect, it suits the Lebanese folk music that is often mixed with contemporary jazz and rock styles. Her songs have also featured on several O radio shows including Countdown to Ecstasy, Once in a Lifetime, and Now I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles. Elissa has performed throughout the Middle East and Europe including at the World festival in Egypt and she enjoys touring with bands such as Airborne Toxic Event. Elissa is known by her fans as a vocalist with a heart of gold and has received many awards both locally and internationally for her work.

Some people say that Elissa has brought the Middle Eastern music world closer together through her amazing voice and it has given people more of an understanding of the rich history that comes with this part of the world. There are even claims that she might be the first Lebanese singer to have read Middle Eastern literature. The real truth is probably a little bit less glamorous but no less interesting. The real life Elissa gained exposure by performing at a talent contest organized by the Dubai Festival in which she showcased her skills as a singer.

A vocalist, Elissa is not only known for her heart-thumping melodies but also her ability to sing clean in tune with perfect pitch. Elissa started learning to play the piano when she was eight years old and won several awards at the age of six. At the age of nine she travelled to the United States to study with an instructor who taught her the basics of playing the piano. She was inspired by the early jazz musicians including Jelly Roll Morton and Count Basie. After that experience she decided to sign to a local Middle Eastern label that offered her a contract and encouraged her to use her talents on tour.

Although Elissa chooses to perform mainly in her native language (Arabic), it doesn’t mean that the listeners won’t appreciate her efforts at a concert in English. Her songs are very popular not just with Arab audiences but also with non-Arabs. Her concerts are successful because she has managed to reach out to a wide audience. As a result not only do the Arab and non-Arab listeners appreciate Elissa’s beautiful voice but also admire her talent as a young Lebanese recording artist.

You can find Elissa performing live all over the world and in many venues. She is scheduled to give a concert in Japan in March of this year and will be appearing in Dubai in the summer. In addition to her regular performances in Japan she will also be giving a concert in Dubai at the World Trade Center during the first week of November. If you want to see what Elissa looks like give a visit to her official website and see for yourself. You will certainly come to love this charming and talented performer.

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