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Grace Martine Tandon, also known by her stage name Daya is an American artist and singer from Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Born in Mentor, Ohio, Daya is half Spanish and half Italian and she was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended the Cleveland schools Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point Ampitheater. She has also been a guest vocalist on albums by such artists as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

Grace’s career started when she was just 16 years old and she was singing in the chorus of a song by The Doobie Brothers. She was quickly becoming recognized as a promising young talent and she was invited to sing at the first ever VH1 Music Awards, in 1996. Her performance was so impressive that she won the award for the best female solo artist. Since that time Daya has released several albums that have sold very well and she has also been the subject of many popular songs and memorable music video.

Grace has definitely come a long way from being just an aspiring singer and actress. Her musical talents have caught the attention of executives and now she is worth millions of dollars. There are various records which list Daya as having the most significant voices of all time and some people even compare her voice to Joanna Newsom’s.

Grace is not only a remarkable singer but she is a talented actress and dancer as well. This all has made her a very rich woman and it is evident in the information about her net worth. In the book “Million Dollar Baby”, Daya is listed as having a net worth of nine million dollars. This is more than what she was worth when she was a kid and is a huge advancement for her career as a singer and actress.

Daya began her musical career when she was just thirteen years old and she performed in a number of shows in Pennsylvania and then later on in New York. In order to support her family, Daya’s mother would take up part-time jobs at night to make ends meet. In the late eighties, she decided to go back to sing and act and so she quit her day job. In order to support herself, she took up a second job washing windows in New York. After a few years of hard work, she managed to buy her own personal fan club which included members from the United States and England.

Daya headed to the United States to perform but instead ended up becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the history of the American music scene. She released numerous hit singles including “Blue Sunday” and “Take Me Away”. On July 2021, Daya was married to Pakistani musician Sohair Jazzaher and they have had two children. Although Daya has never achieved the same level of stardom in the United States as her predecessors, she is nevertheless a celebrity in her own right.

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