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Christina Perri

Christina Perri is a popular American performer and singer. After her first single “Jar of Hearts” was showcased on the television show So You Think You Can Dance, she signed with Atlantic Records and began releasing her first album, The Ocean Way Sessions, in 2021. Christina has been nominated for Grammys in both the music and television categories for her track “Slow.” Among the guest artists featured on The Ocean Way Sessions, which was later re-recorded with Christina’s vocals, are artists such as Kanye West, The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Jack White. Many people are excited about Christina Perri’s upcoming album, titled 4: An Answer.

Christina was born in Encinitas, California and grew up in Southern California. Her musical interests include playing the piano, listening to gospel music, writing, and producing music. She has appeared on albums made by The Fugees, Boyz II Men, and Mary J. Blige. Prior to Christina Perri’s appearance on The Ocean Way Sessions, she had released several singles including One Way, Take It Easy, and Come As You Are.

The album that Christina is set to release is called 4: An Answer. A quick internet search will bring you to a page stating that the new album will be out in Spring/Summer of 2021. On that page, it states that she will be making an “epic” music video. No official lyrics have been released, but fans can speculate that this new album will feature Christina’s voice. During an interview on Yahoo! Live, Christina stated that she would not be singing anymore, but she would contribute her vocals to the songs.

In 2021, Christina was hit by a billboard accident in New York City. Christina was shopping at a store when the sign above her came down injuring her hand. The band that was performing at the store, The Killers, immediately asked Christina if she would mind if they sandblasted her hand.

The internet tells us that Christina had recovered from her injuries at home, however she continued to tour as The Killers throughout the rest of the year. Some of her shows were canceled due to an injury she received in a car accident. In the Spring of 2021, Christina was hit by yet another vehicle while shopping at an ocean front mall. The band, The Killers, had been playing a show at the mall for many years without any incident. However, Christina was forced to cancel her upcoming appearance with The Killers because she was hospitalized.

The world will be watching closely to see how Christina recovers from these recent injuries. One day we will see the best Christina Perri has to offer. Until then her fans can hope that she is able to continue with her hit singles “Wake Your Mind Up” and “Hallelujah Money”. This is a huge success for both the artist and the record label, Universal Music Group. Her album, Latifah, will be out later this year, and could very well debut at the top spot during the summer.

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