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Cameron Diaz is an American former actress who has also become a celebrated writer, producer, and director. She was most notably seen in comedies during her acting career, while also receiving critical acclaim in more serious films. Cameron Diaz was born in Bergen, NJ and grew up in Manhattan. Her mother, Zita Latifah, was a maid and a school teacher. Cameron was inspired by her mother’s passion for teaching and learning, so she focused on studying drama at childhood. Once she earned a bachelor’s degree in drama at the University of Southern California, Cameron pursued a graduate degree at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, focusing on writing.

After graduation, Cameron Diaz went to Los Angeles to study acting. While there, she met with a burgeoning talent agency, which helped launch her into Hollywood. She became one of the first African-American women to sign a contract with Universal Pictures, which began her illustrious career of starring in movies with leading roles. Cameron Diaz went on to receive consecutive Best Actress Academy Awards for her work in both” Elaine” and” Chungking Express.”

In turn, Cameron Diaz has portrayed some of the best loved characters in some of Hollywood’s greatest movies. Her notable roles have included femme fatale Nurse Ratchets in the sexy thriller Romance, “onna Call You Angel” opposite Billy Crystal, as well as the evil Queen in the remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Disney. Cameron Diaz is currently reprising her role of Nurse Ratchets in the second installment of the remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Additionally, she is also set to appear alongside Ben Affleck in the upcoming “Runner” movie. The latter film will mark the start of a new franchise for Disney, which also includes “The Chronicles of Narnia” movie.

Camero Diaz also received her Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the award-winning film The Social Network. The film received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, which led Diaz to star in her next film, The Tree of Life, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. The film received an award for Best Picture at the Oscars, which made it one of the few successful franchises from Disney that received such a response from viewers. The film received an additional Oscar nomination for Best Score. Its subsequent release was also a hit, earning it another Oscar nod.

Though Cameron Diaz has had varied careers throughout her film career, she is most recognized for being one of Hollywood’s best friends. Cameron Diaz and her son were very close during the time that she was pregnant with her son. When her son was born, the couple immediately took the infant to the hospital, where he was given an immediate medical presence. Because of this, Cameron Diaz was able to keep her composure while some of the other pregnant stars in the room were unable to comfort their crying babies. Additionally, during the birth of one of her grandchildren, Cameron Diaz gave the infant a small stuffed animal that belonged to her friend, prompting the nurse to let them take it home with them. This gift came as quite a surprise to everyone, including Diaz.

It is clear from the facts that Cameron Diaz has always been a true friend to many of her fellow Hollywood celebrities. She has been there for them when they need cheering up, have been there for them when they need support during times of emotional distress, and are there for them when times are good. It is clear that this is what makes Cameron Diaz the perfect Hollywood celebrity – having someone who is there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on.

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