Ashanti Contact Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Ashanti Contact Information, Ashanti Contact Biography, Ashanti Portfolio, Ashanti Profile -all these and more are available here. If you’re looking for Ashanti’s bio and contact details such as career, family, marriage, schooling, etc. then this directory is the best place for you. You’ll get all sorts here including family background, career and educational history. Even full profile with photographs, videos and interviews. Ashanti has the most updated information about Ashanti and his family available on the internet.

Ashanti Contact Biography – Ashanti is a tall slim handsome man in his thirties with dark eyes and a broad forehead. His skin is pale to a honey color. He is slim with a medium build. His hair is black and messy and he usually wears a simple tie. Ashanti has blue eyes and wears glasses which are a bit big and round.

Ashanti Contact Biography – The website has an extensive photo section where you can upload your favorite pictures and share it with other Ashanti fans. You can also create a page for yourself and add your photo and your contact details with a short description. Ashanti Height is not fixed as there are people who consider him to be taller than others, but he is not really tall. His real height is unknown but according to some records he was 5 feet 11 inches in height. Ashanti is of average weight and his official book says he weighs 32 pounds.

Ashanti Contac Pic
Ashanti Contac Pic

Ashanti Contact Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-26-37 inches
Body Size 34 inches
Bra Size
Waist Size 27 in / 71 cm
Hips Size 32 Inches
Shoe Size 6(US)
Height 5′ 3″/ 160 cm
Weight 137 lb / 62 kg

Ashanti Contact Biography – The Ashanti website has a full biography about him written by his wife about their life and times. According to the biography, Ashanti was a school teacher in a private school and he used to work on a boat regularly. He took a course in communication technology in college and got a degree in electronic engineering. After that he joined his wife’s company as a translator and worked as a communications specialist after that.

Ashanti Contact Biography – On the official website of Ashanti there is a bio where he states his name and the position he is holding in his company. In his bio he is also given his full official address, office telephone number and fax number along with his email id. The email id is email him at the business address and his fax number is the fax number of his company.

Ashanti Contact Biography – The Ashanti website is very well designed with simple navigation buttons and options to search using different criteria. It shows his full profile with picture and full educational qualifications, his office address and his phone number. When you login to the Ashanti website you will have to put your mobile phone number and your office address so that you can be able to connect with him directly through his hot line. If he needs any further information or if you have any special queries then you can send him an email. You can also send him a message through his whatsapp mobile number which is very easy and convenient for people to use and has lots of features.

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