Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey is a professional musician, stand-up artist, singer/songwriter, and multi-media artist. He rose to international fame as the original lead singer of the platinum-selling boy band 98 Degrees, and went on to star in the reality TV show Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Together, they became household names in their own right. After several years away from the limelight, Nick returned in 2021 to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and induction celebrations of his former bandmates. He recently released a memoir and appeared on the documentary film, Making History.

Nick Lachey was born in Mobile, Alabama, the son of a single mother who struggled to provide for his four siblings and one younger brother. He was always interested in music but considered himself to be a better listener than a player. At age nine, he began studying voice and guitar lessons with his father, who was a popular local baritone player. While still enrolled in high school, he developed a love for playing in a string band that was led by his friend and future bandmate, Todd Sprouse. Lachey went on to play bass in several well-known rock bands and became known as a solo artist later in his career.

Nick Lachey has released five solo albums, including two which were re-releases of older albums. He has also made numerous television appearances during the last decade, most notably on television shows hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Nick Lachey’s voice can be heard on the award-winning television series Soulmate, as well as several other videos for commercials and other television programming.

The late Christopher Cross, better known as Christopher Cross, was a well-known singer and songwriter who had several hits throughout the 1970s. A native of Ohio, Cross was one of the founding members of the band Sugar Mountain. Prior to his death, Cross had been married to vocalist Pam Fields, which raised questions as to whether or not he might have had an impact on the creation of Sugar Mountain. A member of the band Traffic as well, Cross appeared on numerous other occasions on television, singing songs with fellow guitarist and friend Larry King.

The late Chuck Mangione, a well-known voiceover artist, sang with guest stars on four episodes of Guitar Hero, an American spin on the British game show Deal or No Deal. Mangione, best known as a voiceover artist, appeared alongside Nick Lachey on the second season of Guitar Hero, where he played a cover of The Beatles'” Abbey Road.” The following season, he returned as a guest performer on another episode, singing with The Who’s Tommy. He is currently a contestant on MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore, where he was a contestant during the second season.

Nick Lachey, along with several other newlyweds featured on this season of MTV’s reality show, faces off against his former partner, ex-model wife Pam Fields. If you’re looking for an exciting reality show that features a newlywed couple that needs to prove they are still committed to each other before they return to their home, this may be just what you’re looking for. Check out Nick Lachey and Pam on MTV’s reality show tonight at 9PM.

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