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Alexandra Daddario was born in Burbank, California. Her parents, Josephine Daddario and Joseph Rossellini were both teachers. She started her acting career at the age of 18 in movies such as Pretty Woman and It’s a Wonderful Life. Her most popular role so far is that of Anna Deavere in the acclaimed adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novels. She went on to play Rose in the musical It’s a Wonderful Life Again, and ends up playing the same role in the 2021 sequel as Helena Bonham Carter.

Alexandra Dddario was recently featured in the indie psychological thriller As You Like It. This film was directed by Wes Ball and produced by Noah Baillie. In As You Like It, Daddario plays Anna, an aging playwright living in Manhattan who returns home to take care of her sick father. While there she meets a rather mysterious man played by Russell Crowder who has the desire to make her his wife. As you can expect from a movie of this type, things don’t go quite as planned, but it’s an entertaining and suspenseful movie nonetheless.

The most recent release from Alexandra Daddario and Company Pictures is What Happens in Hollywood. It’s a biopic on legendary movie star Marilyn Monroe, whom we have all come to know through either her films or her television appearances. This romantic comedy features Daddario in a lead role alongside former classmate and Today’s cast memberna Jennifer Aniston. It’s a great role for a new actress, as Monroe was one of the more prominent faces of her time, especially in Hollywood when it was dominated by women.

The film that follows is The Lost Signs, starring Alexandra Daddario again. The Lost Signs follows the character played by Daddario, today’s Maria Bello, a researcher on the case of the disappeared San Andres Island. With the help of a local guide (played by Jose Padilhosa) she takes on the arduous task of searching for the long lost tribe of San Andres Island, which has only recently begun to communicate with the rest of the world. While the locals look to have the island returned, a storm traps they and a small group of hikers, led by actress and friend of Alexander Flores (Daddario), must join forces to save them.

One other name associated with the film, aside from Alexandra Daddario, who plays the lead role, is Jennifer Aniston. She also co-stars as Paul Henzi, a New York City attorney who also doubles as a translator for the character played by Daddario. Though their initial meetings prove fruitless, Henzi ends up surprising her by confessing his love for her, though she initially hesitates. A lawyer by trade, Henzi is actually an investigator who deals in missing persons cases, having established a firm with his cousin. He then gets his first case as a result of a lead he is able to gather from the son of one of the victims.

The Lost Signs tells the story of a young woman whose life is forever changed by the discovery of her own murder. Though it has been heavily promoted as a romantic story about a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who falls in love with a Colombian drug lord, The Lost Signs also chronicles the personal lives of many other prominent figures from New York City, where Daddario has spent considerable time. Her first foray into movies was the television drama ER, which she starred in along with Meryl Streep, where she played the cynical and skeptical FBI agent Dana Scully. For many years, Daddario has had recurring roles in movies including Scrooged, Nurse Jackie, and several episodes of Smallville. She is currently reprising her role as Flo on the television series Short Attention Span Women.

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