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Violante Placido Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Maria Violante Placido is an Italian singer and actress. Born in Italy, she is currently based in London. Born as Vito Placido, Violante was actually adopted by American servicemen during the World War II. She went on to meet and marry Italian composer Enzo Poppelli and they had two daughters.

During World War II, Maria and Poppelli were displaced as all the Italian resistance agents were evacuated to Rome where Poppelli was given the opportunity to film in London. However, he decided not to go because he felt that this would mean the end of his acting career. Instead he changed his name and went by the name Violante Placido. This was a name that suited him perfectly as it was a nickname that had been given to him by his adopted son.

During the early life of Violante Placido, she learned how to sing from her father who was a famous opera singer. She learned many different styles of singing and began to hone her skills while growing up in Rome. She was a popular and well liked child star in her early life as her acting career blossomed. She began to learn how to sing from her mother who was an excellent singer and even went on to become a professional opera singer. After working for several years as an actress in various shows, she decided it was time to concentrate on the art of acting.

Violante Placido pic
Violante Placido pic

Violante Placido Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-24-34 in or 87-61-87 cm
Body Size 6 inches (91 cm)
Bra Size 32B
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 36 inches (91 cm)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Height 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
Weight 54 kg or 119 pounds

During this period, she made quite a name for herself as one of the best known and most respected modern actresses of the times. She has gone on to star in some of the best films and TV serials of the late sixties and seventies including” Roma”, “Guendoravallo” and “Nearer To The King”. As an actress, she managed to establish her own name and she has gone on to receive many awards and honours for her work. Her notable works include “La Favorite” (1961), “Aida” (1962), “Dante Lamour” (1963) and “La Cosa”. She has also achieved great success in stage performances including “Aida”, “Macabre” and “Sweeney Todd” as well as winning several awards for her television roles.

A young woman by the name of Laura Placido may be the Violante Placido we know of today. It is believed that Laura was Violante’s cousin and the two grew up together in Rio de Janeiro. Laura as we know now began her acting career when she was twenty years old and went on to play different characters in different dramas. She appeared in more than sixty movies and went on to receive many awards for her work. One of her more recent films that has been receiving good reviews is “The Informant”.

So we know that Violante Placido is alive and she continues to work in the adult entertainment industry to support her two children as well as her own film career. There are many actors and actresses out there who have been depicted as a Soul Mate in the past but few carry on to become Iconic personalities like Violante Placido. She has definitely earned her place as one of the greatest actresses and singers of all time. She has proven that with hard work and commitment that you too can be a true Soul Mate.

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