Tori Kelly

When singer/songwriter Tori Kelly first performed her first single, Nobody Love, to her friends, their first reaction was, “Wow, that was great!” They were all music majors who loved everything she did. So, when Kelly performed her first big break-out single, Everyone’s Happy, it was instantly hailed as the album’s “hook” and everyone knows what that means. The single reached number one on the Hot Rock Songs chart and stayed at that position for over a year and a half. Eventually, Kelly’s career spanned over ten years where she released several more hits including Take Me Away, Now I’m Something More Than Myself, and Beautiful You.

Tori Kelly has always maintained a strong fan base, even while her solo career was waning. She retained her love of country music long into her career and frequently turned to her friend Meg Ryan to help her write and perform her acoustic numbers. Tori Kelly is well known for her love of bluegrass and has even recorded a few tracks of her own with the genre. She has also made numerous guest appearances on other singers’ records including Elvis Costello and Nancy Sinatra. In addition, she has been a guest performer on tracks by Mary J. Blige and Amy Winehouse.

Tori Kelly has also long been a very devout member of the annual Tori Kelly Gospel Singing Association. She has received many awards and has long been an outstanding vocalist and songwriter. Tori Kelly continues to tour with her original gospel singing group, The Reach Out Fleet. She has also opened for artists like Gretchen Wilson, Luke Pellotto, Waylon Perry, Boz Scaggs, Mark King, and Tim Rice. Her extensive list of notable collaborations shows that Tori Kelly has indeed made a huge name for herself in both the recording and singing worlds.

Tori Kelly is currently hard at work on her latest album titled, A Place Of Execution, due out in the fall of 2021. She will be joined by actressista, Ashlee Simpson, Ashlee Warren, Danza Marley, and numerous others. The album will feature numerous acoustic sessions with prominent acoustic artist Scott Storch. The unbreakable record will certainly be another masterpiece released by Tori Kelly this year.

This Christmas Tori Kelly will be back on the Christmas stage hosting her annual Tori Kelly Christmas Special. The special will take place on December 8th at the Hollywood Bowl. During the show Tori Kelly will perform classics like, You’re Going to Have a Blast, Wonderful Tonight, Little Star, White Room, I Remember You, and You Give Me Indecision. The December 8th show will certainly be a hit again this year as Tori Kelly once again tries to gain over the audience’s love of classic Christmas songs. Her last album, Tori Kelly: On Writing was not only a great album, but also an incredible show.

A Place Of Execution is not the only new album that Tori Kelly is working on right now. She is also working on a new Murillo solo album. The album title is still unknown, though it is most likely a Christmas record. We can only hope it is not an un-announced project. In the mean time Tori Kelly and her band of Merry Men will continue to tour as they have for the past couple years.

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