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Greta Gerwig is a versatile performer that has managed to craft a following of fans both online and off. Most notable are her appearances on both the television show “The Mentalist,” and her movie “Pitch Black.” Gerwig also spent a fair amount of time working as a writer and co-writer for movies, most notably “Man on the Moon.” It’s her impressive body of work and her many awards that have lead people to believe she has the kind of credentials to star in and direct a feature film.

Gerwig was born inulas brought up in Iowa, and although she was a great fan of “The Simpsons” as a child, her path in Hollywood has been a somewhat unexpected one. As a young girl, Gerwig was known for her love of music, as well as acting, and has appeared in some shows and commercials throughout her adult years. Greta Gerwig has also received several Golden Globe nominations for her performances in movies and on television, including her first turn as an actress in “The Devil’s Advocate.”

After working for a while on a low budget movie, Gerwig decided to launch her own film, and that film was “The Devil’s Advocate.” The film did not receive the distribution, it would have had it not been for “The Mentalist’s” stellar cast and very positive reviews. In fact, it was so well received that Gerwig decided to return for another go at a bigger budget; however, that time around she would have more control of the project, and the results were much better. She went on to produce “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Secret Life of Bees.” Both of those films were successful hits and led to roles in more mainstream films, such as “ista.”

This past summer, Greta Gerwig received the unfortunate news that her son, Vincent, had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. The news was devastating to Gerwig, but she took it in stride, telling interviewers that she had always held the belief that her only challenge would be to give her son the best life that he could have, and that she would do everything in her power to fulfill his dreams. Later in the summer, when it was announced that Greta Gerwig would be one of the co-writers for the upcoming blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, it seemed as if the star was taking the news in stride, saying that it was both a challenge and an honor to be included in such a beloved film.

It is difficult to point to one place where Greta Gerwig shines as a screenwriter, but one point in which she is responsible for a true success is in the book she co-authored with her son, Vincent Craino. “The Princess of Mars” is a marvelous book, and the co-writing of this book is one of the many honors that Greta Gerwig has received over her career. The book chronicles the history of one of the most beloved of all time, Princess Diana, and how she rose from humble birth to stardom in the film industry. Although the movie itself is not as well written as the book, it still captures the heart and spirit of what made Princess Diana so beloved.

Of course, many other screenplays and actresses have had their share of success following their book launches, including Reese Witherspoon in “Wild Things,” Meg Ryan in “Office Space,” and Anne Hathaway in “elly.” But none of those performances can compare to the lasting effect Greta Gerwig has made on American TV viewers over the past few years. No matter what Greta Gerwig’s next project might be, one can rest assured that her name will be back on the big screen again, as long as Hollywood is in existence. Her numerous honors and accomplishments as a screenwriter, director, and producer certainly don’t diminish her abilities as an entertainer, nor do they undermine the huge impact she has made on American TV viewers over the last few decades. Greta Gerwig is a true American success story, and we are lucky to have her to thank for that.

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