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Tina Majorino is the world-renowned singer, songwriter and actress who has achieved worldwide popularity as a result of her multiple talents. Born in segregated housing in Harlem, New York, Tina Majorino grew up listening to the blues music of her community as a child growing up. Following in her footsteps are her two sisters, who are equally talented musicians. In this article we will introduce the life and works of Tina Majorino.

Although the world may know Tina Majorino for her singing ability, her most known and liked feature was her appearance as the lead singer and guitarist of the popular rock band Santana. This group gained momentum by their performance at the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969. Tina’s distinctive and powerful voice quickly attracted the attention of the audiences and this helped the band gain more fans. The band went on to play several legendary gigs such as the Montreaux Jazz Festival and the Fillmore Auditorium, and even appeared on the covers of many popular albums. As a result of the worldwide recognition of the band received, they decided to sign with EMI.

After leaving the group, Tina Majorino concentrated her efforts on various projects which involved performing in various Broadway shows as well as film roles. Her first notable role in a major motion picture was in the psychological thriller “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (also known as “The Body Shop”). In this film she plays the role of Ginger Corriveau, an American actress who appears in several films throughout the late thirties and early fifties. This role earned her a Film Academy Award nomination for her work in the film.

From here, Tina Majorino’s acting career began to prosper as she appeared in several popular television programs such as “Welcome Back Kotter”, “Raising Helen” and “The Perfect Score” where she played the recurring role of attorney Rachel Katz. From here her acting assignments included roles in “That 70s Show” as well as “That 70s Show” spinoff “Parenthood”. Additionally, she continued to gain popularity by appearing in several movies such as “A Few Good Men” and “Sleepless Nights”. These roles were also successful in introducing the world to the exciting character of Majorino.

Currently, Tina Majorino is returning to the world of television with the debut of a new comedy series entitled” Tina’s World”. This new series is written by Amy Waterman and is executive produced by Tina Majorino herself. The pilot episode of the new series is expected to debut sometime in the spring of 2015 and is planned to star Tina Majorino, Adam Lambert and Jennifer Aniston. If you want to know what Tina Majorino has been up to since “That 70s Show”, you can visit her official website for the latest updates and announcements.

In the meantime, Tina Majorino continues to be a favorite guest star in many prominent television programs and movies including “The Mentalist” and “Raising Helen”. Her acting prowess was noticed when she appeared in the first season of “The Mentalist”. In one episode, she plays a patient who is so poor that her family is forced to file bankruptcy to get her fixed up. While at a therapist, Majorino learns that her bipolar disorder was a product of neglect in her childhood. Tina Majorino’s popularity continued when she was cast as the love interest in the final season of “Raising Helen”. Her appearance in “That 70s Show” helped to make her well known, but it would be her role in “The Perfect Score” which would catapult her to even greater stardom.

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