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Holly Marie Combs is an American actress, model and writer. She is best known for her major roles as Kimberly Brock on the CBS show Picket Fences, Piper Halliwell on The WB Network’s Charmed and Ella Montgomery on the Freeform reality series Pretty Little Liars. Her other credits include playing nursemaids in the films Bridesmaids and Nurse Jackie. In addition to her acting work, Holly Marie has worked extensively in print advertising and fashion campaigns. She also writes a blog about life on the internet.

Hokeyfoot! Is this the year you decided to pick up a Holly Marie novel? This year is the year of the first American female supermodel, the second season of the hit television drama Orange is the new black, the third season of the highly acclaimed Riverdale series, and the debut of the new comedy Quantico. This is a chance to add Hokeyfoot to your reading list. This book is a fast paced murder mystery set in a small rural town in Mississippi during the late 1800’s.

Holly Marie was one of three main characters in this novel. She was charming and attractive young women who lived in Hollywood, Mississippi at the time of her death. Her best friend and neighbor, Piper Valentine, portrayed by Anna Kournikova, had always been obsessed with finding out who killed Hokeyfoot and she went into full detective mode in order to solve this case. Anna was assisted by her friend, Frank Frye, played by Dexter Ducasse, and Piper’s Aunt, contracted through Hokeyfoot’s boss, Waldemar Slade, played by Ann Sowards. They were joined by Assistant District Attorney, privately working with Hokeyfoot in an attempt to make some money off of the case, but it soon turns out that they are more interested in catching the killer than solving the crime.

Holly Marie was a very close friend of Piper Halliwell, who was a well know and respected practitioner of black arts. In the third season of the popular television show Orange is the new black, Piper played an important role as a mentor to Hokeyfoot while she became the primary suspect in her own murder. The relationship between Hokeyfoot and Piper was complicated as both girls were suspicious of each other. They suspected Piper of being involved in the death of their friend. Hokeyfoot felt she needed to have an explanation as to why her best friend Piper was now dead and wondered how she could have killed someone she knew so well. Their relationship with Waldemar Slade, played by Anna Kournikova, also was very complicated as he saw the benefit of keeping his relationship with Piper quiet because he saw her as a valuable part of his life.

Although it took several years for Holly Marie and Piper to build their friendship and trust, it eventually blossomed into a serious relationship. There were times in the first two seasons, when it seemed like the show might be headed back to the beginning. Eventually though, the creative team took a different direction and the show went into its fourth season with many characters, locations, and storylines left to explore. When the show returned for a fifth season, it was full of romance and more mystery, which worked in its favor.

Many critics feel that the show was canceled too soon. Some think it was too long, while others thought it was a good show. It ended up being one of the most popular shows of the entire decade. It has been praised by critics and continues to be a favorite. The lead role that was played by Anna Kournikova, Hokeyfoot and Piper Halliwell, was also well received and made this television series Charmed one of the best loved and most successful shows of all time.

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