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Rosario Dawson is a Filipino actress and martial arts expert. She rose to prominence during the late 90’s, playing the role of rebellious teen in the hit movie The Mask. After the film was a box office hit, she went on to play the lead role in the independent feature Kung Mangalay. After that she appeared in a number of films including the remake of Tomb Raider and the animated feature adaptation of the same name.

In recent years Rosario Dawson has established a career in Hollywood as a TV show writer and producer, most notably for the spin-off of The Mentalist. There she co-stars as a female FBI agent, played by Kate Walsh. Kate Walsh is one of the most prolific actresses in the US, with an impressive number of award winning episodes to her credit. The Mentalist was a critical success, bringing in a record number of viewers and becoming one of the best-reviewed shows of the season. While Kate was responsible for the creation of the show, Rosario Dawson was also responsible for her own rise to stardom.

There is no doubt that Kate Walsh is a talented performer and quite accomplished too. However, one of the things which catapulted Rosario Dawson into stardom was the fact that she was able to combine her acting career with her background in the field of journalism. This allowed her to play the character of a reporter working for a news network. In her films like Kung Mangalay and Tai Chi, it was clear that Kate was also adept at acting, and it certainly helped that she had also spent some time in the world of journalism. Now having established a reputation as an important and capable Hollywood actresses, one could argue that Kate has established a very good acting career.

For many people, having a Puerto Rican heritage is simply a part of who they are; however, there are others who would like to have some connection to the history of their ancestry. As such, having an uncle or aunt with a Puerto Rican heritage can offer the perfect opportunity to discover more about the early life of Kate, as well as providing a means to gain an insight into the life of someone who may not otherwise have been brought up alongside an African American or Asian American figure. In Kate’s case, however, having a biological father from a Puerto Rican ancestry helped propel her into stardom. Although there are many talented actresses with an African American or Asian American heritage, Kate is the first major star to be born within the United States with a Puerto Rican heritage.

Jessica Jones also hails from a background which is populated with many famous names of African Americans and Asian Americans. She, too, began her career on a network television show, and the experience of working with producers led her to finding opportunities in movies and theater. At the same time, Jones was also very public about her relationship with Irish pop star, Celine Dion. Jones’s success has led to opportunities for actors such as Claire Temple, Jamie Fox, and Morena Baccarat to have roles which require multi-dimensional talents. These actors certainly do not fit the description of a “pretty white girl.”

Rosario Dawson’s status as a multi-faceted actress, along with her association with popular entertainment, has also made her one of the most popular characters on television today. When Rosario Dawson goes out on a date, she will not need to choose the most flattering dress to make heads turn. Instead, people will be drawn to her confident, open attitude and bubbly personality. With shows like Girls Night Out and Rosario Dawson and Claire Temple showing that there are many different types of women who can happily enjoy being a part of the female ensemble called “the crew,” it is clear that being a Puerto Rican-American on television is no longer just a novelty.

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