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Bryce Dallas Howard is a talented American actor and producer. She is the youngest daughter of celebrated director and actor Ronald Howard. Born in Los Angeles, Howard first attended the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in Los Angeles, later returning to do various acting roles on Broadway. She then went on to star on the television series “Raising Helen” before landing various film roles. Currently, she has signed on to produce a children’s book for publisher G.K. Martin.

Bryce Dallas Howard is best known for her starring role as Gloria Jeanette in the movie, Apollo 13. She later appeared in the remake of the same movie as herself in the TV series, Frasier. Additionally, she has appeared in other notable movies including Pleasantville and The Perfect Score. In addition to her Broadway and film credits, Bryce Dallas Howard has also established a name in music with her band, Bryce Dallas and the Knights of Valor. This band achieved minor success before breaking up in the mid-2000s.

Bryce Dallas Howard was born in Los Angeles and grew up in a household that included two boys, her mother being a seamstress. Growing up, she discovered her love of performing, and after moving to Connecticut, started to hone her acting skills while attending the University of Maine. While attending, she met and started dating a musician, Richard Dickson. They became great friends and decided to get together, and soon they began putting together their own band, ultimately releasing it as The Firm.

Bryce Dallas is a mother and grandmother who has dedicated her life to helping others enjoy their lives, and she is constantly dedicating her time to the greater good, namely by helping out those people in need through the avenues of her business, The Bryce Dallas Company. Her business started out with her husband, Rob, working in an accounting office in Los Angeles. From there, they quickly grew their company to over twenty-nine employees, with the addition of several more as the business grew. Eventually, they sold the company to Rob and hired Bryce Dallas as their executive director.

Terminator Salvation is one of the many remarkable films directed by James Cameron. Although it is not a science fiction film, it nevertheless carries with it a strong dose of fantasy. Bryce Dallas, who played the role of Sarah Palin, did a fabulous job in the role. However, it seems as though Bryce Dallas may have been a little too “big” for the role. This is especially true considering that she had only just turned in the first Terminator film, Terminator Salvation. Because of this, Terminator Salvation failed to capture the same audience that Terminator 2: Judgment Day captured, which is one of the main reasons that Terminator Salvation failed to attain the box office success that it seemed to be on its way to.

Bryce Dallas was born March 25, 1977 in Southern California, the youngest of four children of actress-turned-writer-producer Michael Bay. Bryce was always fascinated with acting, even as a small child, and she studied theater at San Francisco State University. After graduating, she continued to work as an assistant director and casting agent in Los Angeles. Once, Bryce decided that she wanted to pursue acting full-time, and so in 1992, she traveled to Los Angeles to train with actress-turned-writer Darcy Moore. During the next few years, she costarred with such well-known celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg in the sitcom “Friends”, and Tim Matheson (her screenwriter) in the sci-fi movie “Avaluade”.

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