Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield is one half of the world famous duo of Delightful Sounds with Paul Wellby and is best known for her vocals and musical arrangements of songs by Hall and Noble. She was born in West Sussex, England and grew up in a house on the rural English countryside. Her parents, both of whom were teachers, encouraged her passion for music from a young age. She took early guitar and piano lessons and pursued music at school as an energetic teenager.


After school, Bedingfield tried out for chorus boy at the local university but was disappointed because she did not get a place. She then joined the school choir but left to pursue a theatre career instead, which she did successfully at age 25. She gained further popularity when she was chosen as a solo artist for a British television series titled Pop Idol. She released her first single ‘Everything’ in this show and from that point on, gained enormous popularity in the UK and Europe.


Bedingfield’s second album, entitled Natasha Bedingfield: Music from the World, was released in America in 2021. This album included the singles ‘Iris’, ‘Breathe Easy’ and ‘Lovers’. The album received mixed reviews in both radio and online reviews. Many critics praised the songs but felt that the overall tone of the album was too light and forgettable. A few fans claimed that the album had great songs but failed to satisfy their desires for a harder edge and darker sound.


The third album, titled Natasha Bedingfield: I’m New, was released in March 2021. It features a number one hit, the cover of which was re-created by the band in a music video. The video was directed by James Marsden. The album peaked at No. 5 in the UK’s chart.


Bedingfield’s reputation quickly spread across the globe with interviews and reviews appearing in prominent media outlets such as The Times in the UK and Talk radio in Australia. She has become a pop singer-songwriter that is well known for her powerful performances on the microphone. Her first album was widely praised by critics. Her second album, Breathless, was critically acclaimed as well, but it was not as successful as the first. A fourth studio album, I’m New, was issued in 2021.


After a couple of years with The Who, Bedingfield began work on a new album with her former band mate, John Entwistle. The album was called West to East. The band reunited with Entwistle to play a series of concerts around the UK. Beddingfield released a piano ballad entitled You Are My Sunshine. The single, featuring Skye, gained a lot of attention in the UK and beyond.

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