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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a famous singer, composer, actor, producer, and philanthropist best known for his stage name Marc Anthony. He is a well-known face on the world of show business, as a member of the cast of Broadway’s “The Lion King”, and as an executive producer/writer for many television shows including “The Sopranos”. He is also the highest selling Latin salsa artist of all time, selling more than fifty million singles in the United States alone. With this impressive resume, it is not surprising that Marc Anthony has made books about him.

A biography on Marc Anthony would be incomplete without mentioning his multiple music credits. An extremely diverse performer, he has been able to create a unique sound that has made him not only a popular solo artist but a leading act for many well-known ensembles such as Elton John, Frank Sinatra, and The Yardbirds. In fact, his first album “iors” was a huge commercial success due to the massive fan base it garnered. The most recent Marc Anthony biographical documentary “Elaine: A Portrait” is an excellent film that delves into the private side of the entertainer. Filmmakers Ava Marzial and Marc Anthony are currently in pre-production on a documentary about the life of the musician, which should begin shooting soon.

Another interesting aspect of Marc Anthony is his involvement with other contemporary musicians. Several artists have publicly acknowledged their mutual relationship with the artist, most notable being Kanye West. Marc Anthony’s participation has allowed many up and coming artists to record his songs, and even to perform some of his music live. This has only made the multi-faceted artist even more sought after by contemporary musicians.

Finally, Marc Anthony also hosted his very own talk show, called Marc Anthony’s World. The talk show ran for five seasons on MTV, and during the show he often discussed current events and things he was thankful for. Some of his wishes for the future included better wages for artists, more support for disadvantaged communities, and the introduction of universal health care. The show ended after its fifth season and was replaced by a talk show called “The Breakfast Club.” It lasted for two seasons and was cancelled shortly before its final episode.

Overall, Marc Anthony seems like a genuinely nice guy. He does not spend a lot of time blogging about politics or expressing political views, and rarely do interviews except for press conferences. Although he did host a couple of fundraisers for President Obama, he largely shied away from the spotlight and did not announce any pregnancies since he is married to Yulia along with their 2 sons. As for other musicians, Suiah wore her engagement ring when she went to the nurse, but left it off during the wedding.

Suiah reminded Marc Anthony of the necessity for contemporary musicians to pay attention to their craft and how to get better at it as they go along. She cited examples such as Sufjan Stevens and Kurt Vile as examples of musicians who have grown up with musical influences from such places as Latin America, Spain, India, and the United States, yet continue to make major records today. Marc Anthony and Suiah Del Carmen also mentioned that they listen to salsa music, and she implied that salsa can be an excellent way to get “salsa out of your system.” In contra la corriente, Marc Anthony did not state that he was going to start a band and play salsa, he merely said that he likes salsa music.

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