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Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is a prominent American multi genres singer, songwriter, and multi-Instrumentalist. Born in Harlem, New York, Hunter Hayes is known for his powerful vocals and emotional songs. He is very adept at over 30 instruments. His musical influences include jazz, soul, blues, rock, country, folk, and classical music. Hunter Hayes has composed songs for several different artists. His work can be classified into urban, classic, country, and pop.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Hunter Hayes grew up listening to the gospel and traditional music of his native country. This gave him a strong musical sense, which he used to form some of his best-known songs. Hunter Hayes achieved stardom with the release of his self-titled album in 1998. The album was an immediate sensation, selling more than three million copies in its first three weeks of release.

After working on his first album for several months, Hunter decided that he wanted to create an even better album. After completing his second album, “American Pie”, Hunter decided it was time to begin working on his third. “American Pie” became a massive success, selling over seven million copies. During the making of “American Pie”, Hunter realized that he wanted to write an album that showcased his talents as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Hunter decided to make his third album storyline album. “Let it Bleed” was released in May of 2021, which is the second most popular Hunter Hayes album.

Throughout the making of “Let it Bleed”, Hunter learned the importance of writing good lyrics and the importance of playing the guitar well. When he finished “Let it Bleed”, Hunter started working on the score for the movie adaptation of his hit song “American Pie”. Along with several other country musicians, Robert Duvall, Sparklehorse, and several other actors, Hunter was able to score the film “Ender’s Game” using his own unique style of music and sound effects. The movie became very successful and Robert Duvall was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

After completing the “Ender’s Game” film, Hunter began working on his next album “Sooner, Maybe Later” with producer John Ageloff. Working with seasoned producer John Ageloff and lyricist Glen Glenn, Hunter created the single “My Old School” and followed up with another popular single “Hail to the Bear”. Both songs were featured on his third album “The New Artist” and were released on American labels Realtime and Ear Luck. “Sooner, Maybe Later” was a huge hit, featuring guest stars including Glen Glenn, Nancy Sinatra, and George Harrison. Hunter and his band finally completed their first U.S. record for their independent record deal titled “Eruption”.

After further touring with his band, Hunter decided to release his own self-titled debut album. While the album did not achieve the success of his previous efforts, it was very well received by critics and radio audiences. “Sooner, Maybe Later” reached number seven on the Pop charts, which is an indication that the single may have real potential. This self-titled album is available to order on the internet.

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