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Jessica Capshaw is a practicing nurse who has appeared in a number of television shows over the years. Most notable are the Nurse Jackie and Housefull series, both of which she appeared in the spin-off categories. Additionally, Caphaway has guest-starred in some movies, most notably A Few Good Men and Tomb Raider II: Legend. Capshaw first gained notice when she was cast as the love interest of Will Smith’s character in the independent film 300. Capshaw went on to play the wife of Smith’s character in the follow-up film 300: The Final Chapter.

Jessica Capshaw is primarily actresses, though she did star in a number of films during her time as a practicing nurse. In the independent film The Practice, Capshaw plays Dr. Mary Lewis, a pioneering gynecologist who is a fierce opponent of birth control methods. She also appeared in the second installments of the Harry Potter franchise as Hermione Granger, and in the finale of the Twilight saga as Bella Swan.

Jessica Capshaw’s breakout role was on the hit show ER, where she played the memorable character of Beth Grant, a nurse that had a crush on the show’s protagonist, Dr. Clark Gatlin. Her work on ER would be characterized by being a bit unpredictable, as it was often difficult to determine what kind of character she would ultimately become. In the end, however, she proved to be an essential part of the show as a love interest for both the doctor and the patient. Capshaw also had a small role in the movie 300, playing the daughter of King Leonidas.

Jessica Capshaw’s acting career didn’t end after the end of ER, as she became one of the mainstays of the hit TV series Lost. Her Lost co-star, Damon Salvatore, would become her biggest fan. After the series ended, Capshaw continued with several successful films including the award-winning The Heartbreak Kid. She also had a small role in the remake of The Perfect Score, and appeared in the TV movie Meet the Parents. Jessica Capshaw still has a connection to Lost, as her son, Damon, is a fan.

Jessica Capshaw’s family moved when she was a teenager, and she always remained close to her mom and sister. She later decided to pursue acting full-time, and would spend three decades in the industry. One of her more famous roles was opposite Tom Hanks in The Perfect Score, but she also appeared in other successful movies such as We Are Marshall, Pretty Woman, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Jessica Capshaw continues to work today, and currently has a small role in the second unit of FX’s hit drama ER.

Jessica Capshaw has had a great career and continues to be very popular throughout the United States and England. She has had a few different roles throughout the years, but has been primarily known as one of the main casts of Lost. She will next appear in the third season of the popular soap opera Shades of Blue, which is set to begin its third season in the summer of 2021. Before then, she’ll be seen on Law & Order: SVU. The character of Rachel Dawes is currently the love interest for Daniel Luske on that show.

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