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Jennifer Connelly is an American actor who started her acting career at the tender age of 15 in the television show Morocco. After that she appeared in newspaper, magazine and TV commercial, before finally making her movie acting debut in the psychological crime drama Once Upon a Time in America; which was critically acclaimed by both audiences and critics. Since then Jennifer Connelly has gone on to enjoy varied success as both an actress and director, including such notable films as The Prophecy, Edward Scissorhands and End of Watch.

Jennifer Connelly studied drama at college, and it is apparent in her first and last name – study drama. Jennifer was also interested in acting from a very young age and was already acting when she went to college. However, her role in high school English class acting performance may have also inspired her later success in films. In her final film High School Confidential Jennifer Connelly plays a young woman who is obsessed with the death of her parents and the murder of her best friend; and this obsession is enough to implicate her sorority sisters in her murder. As Jennifer Connelly weaves a web of lies, distrust and lies in order to expose the secrets of her sorority sisters she becomes a classic and very entertaining character.

Jennifer was born sometime in December of 1987 and is one of three actresses who was born on December 11th, the others being actress Nicole Kidman and former Miss Teen USA Sara Michelle Gellar. It is clear from the start that Jennifer is a very talented woman, which is evident in her first film appearance, in the Michael Winner movie A Few Good Men, where she appears alongside Steve McQueen. Although she had previously appeared in some films during her teen years, her first major role came in the Michael Winner film, wherein she plays Paula Reuben. This role earned Jennifer the notice of Hollywood, and since then she has gone on to star in a number of well-received films, most notably the television show Smallville, and the movie Bridesmaids.

Jennifer’s career then went into a period of steady growth, culminating with her two most popular films of the 21st century, the remake of Bridesmaids and the independent movie Age of Aquaman. Her appearances in these films gave her the recognition that she always deserved and allowed her to begin crafting her own characters and plots. Eventually Jennifer decided it was time for a break from films and focused more on television, writing, and performing. Her last two roles were in the spin-off of the television show Lost, and the video game Saints. Jennifer Connelly has definitely had an excellent career, and she is definitely a true talent. Following a break up with Roman Reigns, Jennifer decided to try her hand in the world of cinema, and so it is with the wonderful debut of her latest film The Huntsman.

Jennifer has portrayed a character in The Huntsman that anyone would look up to, and who will most likely be seen as an icon when the franchise begins its third installment this autumn. As she portrays the main character, Jacob, Jennifer Connelly has certainly captured the audiences of the science fiction film industry with her performance. This is one of Jennifer’s best roles so far, and she will go on to be compared quite favourably with her other works, such as the Twilight Saga, which she also did.

Jennifer is certainly not one to ignore, and she certainly made the best of the role that she was cast in. The film The Huntsman is a very fast paced, action packed film, and Jennifer shines as the lead character, Jacob. As the movie progresses, we learn more about the motivations of the villain, and how he captures more women, seemingly effortlessly. Jennifer’s strong presence throughout the film, from the first time she appears until the end, made this a very entertaining film. This is one of the many films directed by Wes Ball that I am very much looking forward to seeing, and I am confident that it will do well at the box office. Jennifer is definitely one of the best actresses out there today, and this latest film simply proves it.

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