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Jamie Chung Biography, Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Jamie Chung is an American entertainer and former reality show star. She started her acting career in 2004 as a contestant on the first season of the MTV reality show The Real World: Las Vegas. After leaving that show she went on to appear on another popular reality show called The 97 Kids of Fame. After that show she appeared in several movies including an award-winning role in the Girl With Zero Limits.

Jamie Chung is most well known for her roles in the TV shows, The Jamie Chung Story and Real World. Her appearance on the second season of The Real World helped her gain popularity in the American television industry. She went on to have three more seasons on the show before it was cancelled in 2005. Since then she has gone on to have various movie roles including one in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Hangover and has been married to dancer Jamie Chung Hickey.

According to the some sources Jamie Chung has earned more than six million dollars since the times she appeared on The Real World. There are claims that this figure is low as the real figures are much higher. One of the most impressive records Jamie has is the two million dollar earnings mark which she achieved while appearing on the show. Some sources say that this is the highest earnings achieved by a female performer in cable television at that time. Jamie Chung also has a number of music singles that have reached number one on the charts in the UK and US, some of them quite well known.

Jamie Chung was born in San Francisco, California. At the age of eight her family immigrated to the United States from Korea. Jamie has always remained in contact with her family members who are originally from Korea and this has enabled her to learn about the culture. She has always maintained a strong connection with the Asian culture and has always treated them in the best manner possible. She has always had an interest in martial arts, even though she was a little too young to actually understand its rules. As a result, she trained in taekwondo, judo, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and aerobics from a very young age.

Jamie’s parents were both teachers, so her early years were spent learning a great deal about teaching and learning from her parents. When Jamie was a young woman, she discovered that her older sister had married a man from Hong Kong. The experience of growing up as a single Asian girl in San Francisco led Jamie to hone her skills as a martial artist who was interested in tae kwon do, taekwondo, boxing and other forms of martial arts. She was studying taekwondo with her close friend and fellow martial artist, Joe Lamy, when she discovered a role on the popular television program The Net.

Her first Net appearance was on the show called “Seinfeld” which made her a name known to Americans. Her appearance earned her the starring role as Jerry. After seven seasons on this series, she became Hollywood’s first Asian female star. This was a major milestone for the blonde beauties of America and helped her achieve an enormous amount of success. Her net worth has increased substantially since her first appearance on “Seinfeld” and she is now in the top five of Hollywood’s all time list for the highest paid actresses.

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