GP SMS Offer 2021 Activation Code, Validity & Price

Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service company in Bangladesh. This company has won the hearts of customers because of its long service. No other operator has been able to come to the top yet. At present, Grameenphone is the first in Bangladesh with 6 crore 99 lakh subscribers. Grameenphone is the largest Telecom Company in Bangladesh. It has a large number of users who use SMS to communicate with each other. Now, we’re sharing GP SMS Pack details where you will get a complete list of SMS Offer with Price and Validity.

Today we will discuss here about GP SMS offer, if you are talking about GP SMS offer then you have come to the right place. Here we will catch all the SMS offers of 2021. Which will last from three days to one month. That means you can take the package of your choice from here. You can know about all the big and small packages. You can know the affordable packages. So if you are an SMS user then read the whole post carefully. Hopefully this will save you money. SMS is a very popular medium at present. Almost all people communicate through this SMS. Because it costs less. Even in all environments communication can be done through SMS.

GP SMS Offer 2021

About the affordable SMS packages of 2021. Many are looking for affordable packages for 2021. We have come up with these packages thinking about them. From here you can know all the SMS packages of 2021. All SMS packages valid for three days to one month. Also all packages small to large. We will keep all the packages with detailed information. You will be able to purchase by selecting the package according to your ability and demand. Below are the packages.

Packages Total Price USSD Code Validity
25 SMS Tk. 2 *121*1015*2# 3 day
100 SMS Tk. 5 *111*10*06# 3 day
100 SMS (GP-GP) Tk. 7 *121*1015*1# 4 day
50 SMS Tk. 7 “S3” Type to send 8426 1 day
200SMS Tk. 11 Click Flexi Plan 30 day
500 SMS Tk. 19 Click Flexi Plan 30 day

GP 2Tk 25 SMS

Grameenphone mobile phone company has come up with a small SMS package thinking about its users. In other words, there are many people who are looking for small SMS packages, Grameen Phone Company came up with an SMS package of only two rupees. That means two rupees will be charged from your account for purchasing this package. And for these two rupees you are getting 25 SMS. Which you can use on all operators. This package has math 3 days. That means you can use these 25 SMS for three days. The active code is *121*1015*2#

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