GP Minute Pack 2021, GP All Minute Pack

GP Minute Offer 2021, Grameenphone Minute Offer. GP offers all minutes. Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. It has long held the top spot in Bangladesh by providing customer service. Today we will discuss in detail about all the minute offers of this GP SIM. If you have come to know about Grameenphone SIM minute package then you are at the right place.

Here we will discuss in detail about all the minute packs big and small. You can find out all the minute pack activation codes for a period of three days to 30 days as well as how much money and how many minutes. And you can use all these packages in all operators in Bangladesh.

GP Minute Pack 2021

Here we will talk about the updated minute packages i.e. all the minute packages are now, we will discuss in detail about all those packages. From here you can choose the minute package of your choice. Which will be affordable for you.

GP All Minute Package

Here we will highlight all the small and big minute packages of Grameenphone Mobile Phone Service Company. Which will be affordable for you. At present almost all the customers buy minutes and talk. Because they know that talking with account balance without minutes costs more. That’s why they now buy minutes and talk. Here too, many people buy minute packages without making a mistake. To solve their mistakes, we are putting all the minute packages in this post. They can calculate and buy affordable packages very easily. The active code details of the packages are also given below.

Total Minute Price Activation Code Validity
10 Minutes Tk. 6 *121*4024# 06 hours
21 Tk. 14 *121*4001# 16 hours
25 Tk. 16 *121*4207# 24hours
37 Tk. 24 *121*4002# 24 hours
67 Tk. 44 *121*4003# 4 days
77 + 50 SMS Tk. 53 * 121 * 4004 # 07 days
100 Tk. 64 * 121 * 4206 # 07 days
120 Tk. 78 *121*4026# 07 days
125 Tk. 78 * 121 * 4026 # 07 days
160 Tk. 99 * 111 * 300 # 07 days
200 Tk. 113 *121*4007# 10 days
330 Tk. 199 *121*4018# 30 days
350 Tk. 233 *121*4008# 15 days
480 Tk. 298 *121*5074# 30 days
500 Minutes Tk. 307 *121*4208# 30 days

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