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Dinah Jane

Dinah Jane is a famous South African vocalist and songwriter who are also known for her work with fellow musicians from the House of Dereon and Fifth Harmony. Dinah Jane was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in the suburbs. She is now married to musician Michael Jackson and has two children. Dinah was an aspiring musician since childhood but was scouted by agents who pursued her professionally at age sixteen.

Dinah Jane was scouted by BMI (Bandwidth International) who signed her to their international label, Volcom. BPI is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California. Dinah’s first album for Volcom titled Just One Thing was released in March 2021. It was the best known Volcom album to date and was certified gold. It was so successful that the band decided to give it away for free via various outlets including iTunes.

Dinah Jane is also one half of the popular South African hip hop duo Daddy Yankee and French Montana who have a string of hit singles including “Love Takes Wing”, “Aieee”, “Mama Don’t Have Nobody” and “Cocoaaps”. Dinah is also known for being a dancer with the jazz fusion DanceTribe. She has performed with many other artists including Disclosure, Ed Sheeran, The Roots, Ashanti, Boyz II Men, Rihanna, Sky and Ariana Grande. She has had a steady rise in popularity over the last five years and has appeared in several films including Magic in the Mirror and Identity Disorder. Her credits also include the songs for songs by Akon, Rihanna, Elton John, Kanye West, Macy Gray and Chris Brown.

With a background in music and dance, it was only natural that Dinah Jane could branch out into the world of marketing and distribution. She began her first venture as a manager and artist with the production of an independently produced Volcom ad that featured several of her singles which included hits by Daddy Yankee and French Montana, which helped to launch Dinah Jane into the world of record label promotions. With singles such as Lemonade and Take Me Away, the Volcom campaign also managed to reach number one in Australia and remained there for three weeks. This helped propel Dinah Jane into the company of other well-known record labels including Diplo and WLS.

After making a name for herself, Dinah Jane went on to appear in a number of movies and had a role in the massively successful movie The Faultless Lady. She then went on to star in her own reality series on The Big Brother TV show where she competed with fellow contestant Scott Simon for the right to be the next U.S. national anthem singer. She went on to become a very popular guest host on American Idol where she was able to debut new songs and gain further exposure in the country and around the world. Finally, Dinah Jane went on to star in a string of successful musicals including A Chorus Line and finally Splash. All of these endeavors helped to establish Dinah Jane as a versatile performer and earned her the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Usher, Elton John and Kanye West.

Dinah Jane has since gone on to have a variety of roles in television including a series on The Flash and an episode of American Pie. She also sang a handful of songs throughout the late 80s and early 90s with the band Poison. Her voice gained further popularity when she was cast as the lead character in the movie Bridal Puddleup alongside Goldie Hawn. Since her first and successful debut in that film, Dinah Jane has gone on to voice other notable characters in movies including Bridesmaids, Home On The Range and The Perfect Score. While her singing career hasn’t quite reached the same level as that of albums by artists like Beyonce, Chance the Young Man and Ashanti, it is clear that Dinah Jane is one of the best known female voiceovers in modern day.

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