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Demet Ozdemir was born in Southern Turkey, close to the border with Greece. She studied acting in London, but decided that she wanted to pursue her acting career in Europe, so she packed her bags and headed for Paris. She arrived there in the early eighties and has worked ever since. Demet Ozdemir has appeared in TV shows such as The Mentalist, and also on stage, where she has been successful, but never on a show with a huge following.

Ozdemir has gone through several transformations since her arrival in Hollywood. She was a model before she became an actress and singer, but when she was cast as Demet Ozdemir in the movie Kedi (the same role she played in the Turkish film Gekle Het Darehi) Demet Ozdemir realized she had to use her beauty on the big screen, in order to be recognized by Hollywood and get some work. After many failed attempts, Demet Ozdemir finally landed herself a role on Turkish soap opera Nikiyara (which you may remember from Turkish soap opera Mavo Avtan near Turkey’s borders), where she shined. After that, Demet Ozdemir decided to pursue other acting careers and landed roles in movies such as Big, Minority Report, Demet’s brother Ozcan, as well as in TV series like Friends of the Rock and Collette.

Demet Ozdemir’s first major role was in 1997’s Minority Report, in which she played the lead role, alongside Chris Sarandon, who played the main character, an FBI agent. The movie wasn’t a box office hit, but it did become a favorite amongst critics and audiences. Demet Ozdemir went on to play the lead role in the equally successful searing comedy Swing Vote, which was made by the same people behind Minority Report. She also guest-starred in the movie adaptation of Jeanette Van damme’s novel The Game, and the movie adaptation of the Anne McCaffery book The Delta Force.

After that Demet Ozdemir seemed to lose a few roles, but she landed a role in the popular Turkish soap opera Hrant Gurgen, which was picked up by MTV. The show lasted for two seasons, but the third season was canceled after one episode. However, it was picked up by HD channels. Demet Ozdemir then went on to star in the movie starring Matt Damon as Willy Wonka, and Jack Nicholson as Antony in the movie A Few Good Men. As with the aforementioned Seabiscuit movie, this was a hit with both children and adults. Demet Ozdemir has also established a good acting career starring in the movie version of the comic Turkish drama began, and in the TV series Deadwood.

Aylin Alarcon and Demet Ozdemir have since married and they have two children, Emine and Eysel. Demet Ozdemir has also acted in Turkey and England, such as appearing in the television series of Doctor Dincirlik, and later on in the movie Istanbul Beat. She has also appeared in other movies and shows, including a role in the British TV series 24, and more recently in the Turkish soap Hava. Ozdemir has also been married to Mustafa Yalcindag, the actor for Turkey’s Sibelius series of fantasy novels and the producer for the hit Turkish film Hava.

Demet Ozdemir is currently divorced from her second husband, the film director Orhan Ozdemirs. She has stated that the separation wasn’t amicable and that it was amicable. Orhan was not present when the couple got married, although he was present when they had the hymenogram. The reason why Demet Ozdemir decided to get divorced was to avoid paying taxes on the money that the Ozdemirs obtained via their marriage, according to Turkish law. She was supposed to pay 2.5 million TL for the wedding and then only the remaining amount, which was supposed to be reimbursed by the government, was left for the ex-husband to pay for.

Demet Ozdemir is currently acting in the play Mijas, playing the main character Akil, who happens to be the most popular character in the play. This role has caused Ozdemir to rise in the public limelight, being touted as the best actress in Turkey at the time. She is scheduled to play a lead role in the revival of the hit soap Hava with Mehmet Cokacik, premiering in March or April, 2019. In the meantime, Ozdemir has continued to work hard to build her name and career in acting.

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