Damian Marley

One of the most popular performers in the history of R&B and pop culture, is Damian Marley the singer, performer and songwriter. He is a Canadian-born artist who has achieved considerable success and cult following throughout his lifetime. Born in Jamaican, but was originally from Scotland, his full name is Damian Marley Junior.

Nicknamed “Super Fan” because he was such a huge fan of reggae music growing up in Canada, the young man began making music when he was still very young. His musical interests took off when he was introduced to reggae music at an early age through his father, a great guitarist. He was also inspired by the gospel music he heard as a child. The young man’s life would become even more interesting when he got his first big break as a member of the Highwaymen, which was an American band that made an incredible debut in the UK with their hit song, “Don’t Play With The Police.” But it was not long before he would sign with the well know label W Records, which is where “Convoy” would be recorded and become one of the best selling songs of all time, and which would launch him to worldwide stardom.

A short biography on Marley reveals that he was very humble and always worked hard to make himself better known. As a young boy, he was arrested several times, on charges of possessing marijuana, and given a suspended sentence. However, he would later turn out to be a huge fan of Bob Marley and spend considerable time and money promoting the reggae superstar. It was this interest in the music of Bob Marley that would influence his later career as a Jamaican independent reggae singer and musician. Not only did he have a large fan base in Jamaica but he was also sought after by other artists worldwide who were looking for a good guitarist to put on their records.

When it comes to Damian Marley trivia, there are many interesting bits of information that show just how young he was when his father died. As a child, he had to wake up early so that he could go to the studio to practice guitar and sing. His parents had hired an electric guitar teacher to teach him how to play, and the young man spent much of his time learning from this instructor. He did not just want to play an instrument, but he wanted to be a rock star, so he left school at sixteen years of age and moved to Jamaica where he joined the Bob Marley performing group called “Reggae Boys.”

After a few months in Kingston, Marley decided to move back to his home country of Jamaica where he formed the band “Waka” with many other Jamaican reggae musicians. “Wakana” is the name that they chose for their original song, and it became one of the most popular songs in the world. According to one source, Marley went to Washington D.C. to meet some American agents and sing “Wakana” for them. This was probably something like thirty years ago, but the agents reportedly loved the song. At the age of 21, he released his first single “I Shot the Messenger” which reached number one in the United Kingdom and number four in the United States.

There is one song in particular that was recorded while he was in Washington D.C. by an unknown artist, but nobody knows who wrote it or even when it was recorded. “I Shot the Messenger” remains a very interesting and well-known reggae classic. It remains to this day one of the best sellers on the market, and has sold millions of copies worldwide. I guess you can see why the young Marley was named after his father.

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